"/use [combat]13" and "/use [combat]14" Explanation (Gnome)

I’m on a roll with posting, so another question that has me perplexed. Can someone explain why “/use [combat]13” and “/use [combat]14” are included in some macros? Searching those terms only returns a truck load of macros with those lines included.

Thanks again.

I was going to delete this as I found the answer with some additional digging, but I’ll leave it up here in case anyone else is confused.

/use [combat]13 - First Trinket Slot
/use [combat]14 - Second Trinket Slot

So basically this will activate your trinkets. Sorry for my noobness.

No apology required we all did not know (something) at one time. However, edit is your friend rather than adding another post :slight_smile: You can always change the name to XYZ[solved] or edit the post and add it at the end.