Use Trinket Check Box, Then What?

After checking the box for Trinket use, Where do I tell the macro to use a trinket when it’s up? I tried searching the answer out first, but I’m not finding it. Thank you for your time.

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When you tick both trinket boxes ( use 13 / use 14 ), they are already “marked” to fire off when casting the main sequence ( like if it was in keyrelease / postmacro ).

But if you want to say “manually” fire off between sequential priority ( maybe im wrong here ) always write /use and NOT /cast.


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Ty Ty! I appreciate your time!

The check boxes tell your macro to try to use your trinkets (or other equipment slot) every click.

Note Essence powers on a Heart of Azeroth do not trigger this way by ticking the next item. You need to /cast Heart Essence for those and would recommend using the variable to check if you have a neck.


Is there some sort of way to add a check to the macro to not attempt to use the trinket if it’s on cooldown? Otherwise I keep getting the “Item is not ready yet.” text on my screen.

No. GSE has to operate totally blind to work in Blozzards anti hitting combat sandbox. It can’t see cooldown, GCD’s, procs or time. There is in GSE’s options a check box to turn these errors off though.