Using 2 modifier keys

Hello everyone,

I have been using GSE for a couple years now and I never got it to work that I can actually make a viable command that uses TWO modifier keys in order to cast something, i.e.

/cast [mod:shift,mod:alt] “SPELL”

I tried all combinations of alt, shift and ctrl and the commands e.g. [mod:shift,alt] [mod:shift,mod:alt] - NOTHING works.

Does this generally not work or am I missing something??

Afaik this doesn’t work with GSE.

You have to make two separate modifier lines for it -

/cast [mod:shift] “SPELL”
/cast [mod:alt] “SAMESPELL”

/cast [mod:shift] “SPELL”
/cast [mod:alt] “SAMESPELL”

Wouldn’t this trigger a modifier key spell in the same macro as well and thereby not exactly do what I want it to? I use all 3 modifiers in my macros but i just cba to add another one

I usually have

/cast [mod:shift] Spell A
/cast [mod:ctrl] Spell B
/cast [mod:alt] Spell C

so IF i add

/cast [mod:shift] Spell D
/cast [mod:alt] Spell D

would that even work or just create issues with the already existing modifiers?

Ok, I got it working… sort of

using [mod:alt,mod:shift] works, however only IF i haven’t assigned the other 2 modifiers to anything else… which kinda defeats the purpose.

I have not found a way to explain to the macro that I wanna use “only SHIFT” when I press no other modifiers.

This is what i currently have - and yes I want the mod to interrupt current casting, coz its a proc

/stopcasting [mod:shift]
/cast [mod:shift] Pyroblast
/stopcasting [mod:ctrl]
/cast [mod:ctrl,@cursor] Flamestrike
/cast [mod:alt] Combustion
/use [mod:shift,mod:alt] Heart Essence

Now if I do it like this the double modifier never works because shift is assigned to Pyroblast and it ALWAYS tries to cast the Pyro first and fails… When i remove shift from the Pyroblast assignment it works.

I have tried to exclude other mod keys in the modifier for “only SHIFT” like

[mod:shift,nomod:shift/ctrl] [mod:shift,nomod:shift,nomod:ctrl] [mod:shift][nomod:shift,nomod:alt,nomod:ctrl] … you get the point

I tried with commas, semicolons, double and triple brackets e.g. [mod:shift[nomod:alt]] … every alteration i could think of that makes mathematical sense since the addon doesnt understand the normal " ( ) " brackets. And i just can’t get it to work without unassigning the “only one mod key assignments” which obviously defeats the pupose of using 2 keys.

I was looking for a similar thing with a combination mounting and racial macro for a worgen character that I have. This is what I’ve arrived at that functions how I expect:

/cast [nomod] Running Wild; [mod:shift] Grand Expedition Yak; [mod:alt, nomod:ctrl] Two Forms(Racial); [mod:ctrl, nomod:alt] Darkflight(Racial);

/cast [mod:ctrl, mod:alt] Ensorcelled Everwyrm;

I found you can’t string together a double modifier like mod:ctrl and mod:alt within a compound command. However, if you use mod:ctrl, nomod:alt and such to make these commands exclusive to a single button press then you won’t have the script attempting to cast two things at the same time and you will also have your icon and tooltip updated to accurately display the item selected.

[mod:ctrl, mod:alt] is the correct thing. What you need to take into consideration about is the ORDER of your mod keys.

Think of each line like a stack of books. If a line up top becomes true you wont get to the later ones.

/cast  [mod:ctrl]  something
/cast  [mod:ctrl, mod:alt]  something else

The second line will never be evaluated as the first line is processed.

/cast  [mod:ctrl, mod:alt]  something else
/cast  [mod:ctrl]  something

Now the double mod will be evaluated before the single.

Its the same if they are all inline like /cast [] a; [] b … the order here left to right is the same principle as the top down of the earlier example.

I made this list a long time ago when I found a website that explained the various values. Hope it helps someone that finds this in the future.

These are the directly addressable modifier keys:
[mod:alt] alt key (meaning either alt key)
[mod:lalt] left alt key
[mod:ralt] right alt key
[mod:ctrl] control key (meaning either control key)
[mod:lctrl] left control key
[mod:rctrl] right control key
[mod:shift] shift key (meaning either shift key)
[mod:lshift] left shift key
[mod:rshift] right shift key

These can be combined by direct concatenation into key AND key like this:[mod:altctrl]



made an account to say thank u for this

Its been a while since I have played but since Wrath Classic is about to come out, i’ll try if this works. Thanks m8!!

Ok I have tried this and it sadly does NOT work :frowning:

I’m trying this but it’s not working for me… Here’s what I have in KeyPress:

/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/cast [noform:2] Cat Form
/cast [nostealth,nocombat] Prowl
/cast [mod:shift, mod:ctrl] Primal Wrath
/cast [mod:shift, mod:alt] Maim
/castsequence [mod:shift,nochanneling] reset=combat Thrash, Swipe
/cast [mod:ctrl] Rip
/cast [mod:alt] Ferocious Bite

Shift works, Ctrl works, Alt works… but Shift + Ctrl does nothing…
Shift Alt works, Ctrl Alt works… but Shift Ctrl never seems to work no matter what order or method I try.

So, it IS working, just not Shift + Ctrl. :frowning:

You want [mod:ctrlshift] or [mod:shiftctrl] I’m not sure which takes precedence but the order matters.