Using 2 modifier keys

Hello everyone,

I have been using GSE for a couple years now and I never got it to work that I can actually make a viable command that uses TWO modifier keys in order to cast something, i.e.

/cast [mod:shift,mod:alt] “SPELL”

I tried all combinations of alt, shift and ctrl and the commands e.g. [mod:shift,alt] [mod:shift,mod:alt] - NOTHING works.

Does this generally not work or am I missing something??

Afaik this doesn’t work with GSE.

You have to make two separate modifier lines for it -

/cast [mod:shift] “SPELL”
/cast [mod:alt] “SAMESPELL”

/cast [mod:shift] “SPELL”
/cast [mod:alt] “SAMESPELL”

Wouldn’t this trigger a modifier key spell in the same macro as well and thereby not exactly do what I want it to? I use all 3 modifiers in my macros but i just cba to add another one

I usually have

/cast [mod:shift] Spell A
/cast [mod:ctrl] Spell B
/cast [mod:alt] Spell C

so IF i add

/cast [mod:shift] Spell D
/cast [mod:alt] Spell D

would that even work or just create issues with the already existing modifiers?

Ok, I got it working… sort of

using [mod:alt,mod:shift] works, however only IF i haven’t assigned the other 2 modifiers to anything else… which kinda defeats the purpose.

I have not found a way to explain to the macro that I wanna use “only SHIFT” when I press no other modifiers.

This is what i currently have - and yes I want the mod to interrupt current casting, coz its a proc

/stopcasting [mod:shift]
/cast [mod:shift] Pyroblast
/stopcasting [mod:ctrl]
/cast [mod:ctrl,@cursor] Flamestrike
/cast [mod:alt] Combustion
/use [mod:shift,mod:alt] Heart Essence

Now if I do it like this the double modifier never works because shift is assigned to Pyroblast and it ALWAYS tries to cast the Pyro first and fails… When i remove shift from the Pyroblast assignment it works.

I have tried to exclude other mod keys in the modifier for “only SHIFT” like

[mod:shift,nomod:shift/ctrl] [mod:shift,nomod:shift,nomod:ctrl] [mod:shift][nomod:shift,nomod:alt,nomod:ctrl] … you get the point

I tried with commas, semicolons, double and triple brackets e.g. [mod:shift[nomod:alt]] … every alteration i could think of that makes mathematical sense since the addon doesnt understand the normal " ( ) " brackets. And i just can’t get it to work without unassigning the “only one mod key assignments” which obviously defeats the pupose of using 2 keys.

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