Using GSE on steam deck?

Anyone found a way to use GSE on Steam Deck?
It seemed that AHK does not support Linux.

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Quite interested in this too!

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Is the question how do you use GSE on a steam deck or how do you spam a button on steam deck?

GSE works totally normally on Steam Deck but you need to either use non spammed templates or need to find a way to spam the button. Using something like an MS elite xbox controller with steam deck - i believe it has a hardware repeat function - or something similar may be required.

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I don’t have one, but I have seen repeatedly that Steam Deck supports “turbo” mode on buttons so while I can’t vouch that it toggles, I think it is safe to say that you can set a button to “turbo” and just hold it to cycle through GSE macros.

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I can confirm that it not only works, but works fantastically well. There are some hoops to jump through, but you can follow any of several Youtube walk-throughs and get everything working. I sit in bed and play on the Steam Deck + Nreal Air AR Glasses, while my wife plays on the big screen TV. It’s pretty sweet!


hi there
i have set all things up but the macro seemed to have a problem.
I have import my usable macro on PC into Steam deck.
I can see it spamming but nothing happens. only the icon keeps changing.
character not doing anything.

I have looked up how to set gnome sequencer on the steam deck and can find one. can you link the video that you use to set up gnome sequencer on the steam deck or is it more like the PC to set it up

I have this same issue. Did you ever get it figured out? I noticed when I tap the steam deck with my finger it works but I’d rather not do that.

Are the glasses really worth it?

Can you post some links for these videos? I can’t seem to find anything about making gse work in steam deck