Using Macros Causes Everything to Shut Down

So I’m only getting this issue on my hunter: for some reason, after a few minutes of running a macro, the macro will stop working. And so will the hotbar. And right clicking on enemies. It all stops working until I log out or exit dungeon or what have you. And no, /reload won’t do it either. Everything just shuts down and the only thing I can do is move. What would cause that? It’s not the macro in question, and it’s not another addon as I’ve attempted to turn off all addons except GSE, which leads me to why I’m putting this question in the GSE thread. Has anyone encountered this issue yet? I’ve deleted my WTF folder, scanned and repaired, everything short of uninstalling the game. What is doing this?

I use punchkey, but even when turning that off and manually clicking the macro it just locks everything up.

Is the character 110 or less and doesnt have a neck? If so - fix your macro and remove the Heart Essence line.

Well, I could very well be an idiot, that’s a possibility. I’ve removed the line, and my hunter is under 110. Unfortunately I just tried it out and it still does it. It’ll make my pet attack, but everything locks, can’t use any item on my hotbar, and it gets stuck like that after about a minute or less of use until I relog. I don’t know how a macro would cause that to happen. Is it possible?

You may have to go back and remove the line again - logout and back in - don’t /reload

Also check that its remove from every version of the macros.

For more information see: can no longer use any of the ability - #3 by TimothyLuke

At least I’m on the right track. I’ll try the /gse debug function and do it slowly to see what’s up. Thanks for your response by the way, I’m at my wit’s end trying to figure out what’s going on. I’ll report back in a few minutes.

EDIT: Welp, I’ve been testing it for a few minutes and so far no hangups. I think it’s safe to say that was the problem and I feel really stupid about it, haha. I’ll be visiting the patreon once I get money, you guys are the best. Thank you so much, I’ve been sweating over this for hours.