Using Shift as a Mod = Default Macro Image/pause

Hey there!

I made sure to go through every “mod/Shift” doesn’t work thread before reposting this.

the following mods work fine.


Howver whenever the mod is only “Mod:Shift” it doesn’t work, and brings up the Default Macro Image
or like puts it in a pause stage, where the only thing the character will do is Auto Attack.

I’ve redone my entire KB layout twice, and yes… That is after fully unbinding Everything Except “Escape”

Any 800 IQ ideas will be greatly appriciated!!

Check the order of your mods. First true is executed and it ignores anything after it.

/cast [mod:shift,nochanneling,combat,@cursor] This command line is White in my macro, Don’t know why.

My other lines are green but with Alt/ctrl

When you say Order or mods you mean

Cause tried those, and it´doesn’t matter, Having Shift as a stand alone mod, Just doesn’t work.
not on my hunter, DK or paladin, haven’t tried anything else cause not leveled it yet.

Is there a spell at the end of this?

When I say order, the way you arrange and order these in the macro matters and you may need to work through the logic part.

Sorry for the Terribly late reply.
Been moving and stuff.

Here is what ih ave in my Keypress

/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/use Smack(Basic Attack)
/use Bite(Basic Attack)
/use Claw(Basic Attack)
/cast [@pet,dead,nochanneling] Revive Pet
/cast [mod:ctrl,combat,@cursor] Wild Spirits
/cast [mod:alt,combat] Tranquilizing Shot
/cast [mod:shift,nochanneling,combat,@cursor] reset=24/combat Tar Trap, Flare

I’d take out the reset=24 as if you are spamming the macro that will never occur and then I would try some simple [mod:shoft] checks to see if WoW is interpreting mod:shift at all.

What do you type for shift and ctrl at same time