Vanilla (Private Server/Classic)

I’m looking all over site and internet to find this out, but can’t yet…

Will GSE work with Wow private servers (vanilla), or plans to work with Wow Classic when it goes live?

If it does in fact work with Private servers and beyond, can anyone point me to some info or how-to?

Its been a long time since I’ve played wow, but when I did, I used GSE and loved it.

Thank you in advance for your responses.

For classic yes, for private servers no

That is great news! I hope some of the more dedicated macro makers here get Beta invites!

OH those are great news, i wanted to ask the same hehe but it is answered then. I am really excited for Classic, i hope there will be some badass Arms Warrior Makro then to PVP, my Plan is Leveling to 60 asap and do PvP to R14 like back in the day :slight_smile:

I have a beta invite, but my preference - Balance Druid is not really viable.

I will work mage most likely.

(Edit) if I can figure out a way to make balance more mana friendly through auto spell downranking ect I will give it a go.

Specifically how gear dependent we are in Classic and how much I can walk the fine line between Mana regen and damage buffs.