Venthyr covenant 9.2 macros single and aoe

all the balance macros fall short on dps in new raid, and even mythics, dps is way lower than expected, does anyone have a 9.2 one doesnt matter what covenant i can change it, but so far all the ones that were great have just fell off a great deal.


I’ve been having the same issue (only with Fury Warrior). Been waiting on someone to put out a new macro I could use while tweaking some old ones. Nothing I have done has seemed to help at all. I understand that using macros can hinder DPS a bit, but this is the worst it’s been for me. I’m doing about half of what I’m simming. Normally, even with the macro factored in, I still do close to the sim DPS.

I don’t seem to have as much trouble with AOE, but regardless, the macros just don’t seem to sustain DPS and I’ve also noticed that at points I literally just can’t even DPS at all for long periods. I feel like we need something new that capitalizes on our tier bonuses now, but everything I’ve made so far hasn’t fixed my issue.

I’m praying someone with some solid knowledge on macros will put one out for Fury again soon, I’ve been getting booted from every group I’m in because I have double leggos and 4 piece set and still getting out DPS’d by people without it.

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Sorry, I just have to throw my tidbit in since I have a limited background in codeing and macro writing, both. You guys have to realize that GSE can only do so much. It basically just runs a script that a person writes. It can’t read when procs happen, or when you have a certain amount of stacks of Maelstrom, for instance. It can’t see your health, or the mob’s health to fire off that perfectly timed execute shot, or whatever. So, when you say holding out for something new, you’re basically implying, or what it seems like to me, that you want what’s referred to as a “bot”, or a third-party program that can actually do all the things I said above, that GSE can’t. GSE’s an addon, plain and simple. It can do just so much. When you want something that will get you to that next level, that’s when you have to go to outside software that can read game memory, 1s and 0s, Blizzard code, etc. That’s when you get into the big ban area. So, unless you’re willing to put your account at risk and go for gold with bot software, then give the macro writers and TimothyLuke a break. I’m not getting all angry or anything, i’m just trying to say that these guys write these macros for free, for fun, to help us. Sometimes just to do something for a community. They don’t work for us, so they’re not beholden to a deadline to push updates. they’ll put out newer content when they see fit to do so. so, like i said, unless you’re willing to risk your account for something bigger and better, then just sit back, have a couple fingers of whatever whiskey you have on hand, grab a nice cigar from the humidor, and relax. They’ll get it out.

Oh i was not trying to be disrespectful at all in anyway and i know the druid one is really super strong. Being additional handicap with my health in a bad state adds a level to this as well. Just my dps is usually solid but it has been sub lately to poor i sat myself. Now that we can craft set poeces will indeed help some. I have been tweaking what i know i can tweak to try to improve it. I know coding a little better thsn i first did with GSE.

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I’m not sure where you got the impression either of us wanted a “bot” or anything like it. I was simply hoping that there would be an updated macro sooner or later because of the massive shift in DPS with tier sets and everyone basically having them now. I wasn’t crapping on anybody or anything at all. I’m well aware of GSE’s capabilities and what it can and cannot do. That is not why I use it. I, like @jeff-jones , have an issue which affects how I am able to play, and using GSE helps immensely. Without GSE, I probably would not even be able to play the game at this point. I know Elfyau is working on some new macros so we will probably have something soon. In the meantime, I’ve been tweaking old ones to try to work better.