Viktri's (not really) One Button Macro - Dragonflight 10.2 Guardian Druid - v5 Tested and verified for 10.2

doing 18-20+ very good macro

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what ms you run with this macro

@Firedevil On the first post in the “How to Use” section, he wrote this.

Anywhere between 10 and 150 ms spam speed will work great. Recommended 100 ms.


I run at 100ms. Seems to work fine but you may need to adjust for haste.

Hey ppl,

maybe I´m to stupid, but i can´t get this macro to work.
I followed all the instructions. I translated the missing spells to german (yes, I´m german).
I click on my keyboard to test if it´s working, but getting only 1 picture and then the ?, again the one picture and the ?, but nothing happens.
I´m lvl 70, used the talents shown at the top.

Maybe some1 can help me?

Thank you in advance.

@Alduris it might be a stupid answer and you might have done it already, but some macros require you to be in combat to start the roration!! Not sure if this is the case cause i haven’t played my bear in some time, but might be worth a try!

I wanna thanks you for the build it been a life saver for me

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Hello, I want to ask a question, because your macros are really good. but in Spanish all the powers to launch with the macro do not appear. Is there a chance that it can be fixed?

I really don’t know why that would be a thing, it should be using Spell ID anyway. I recommend opening the macro to see what it shows, if it’s the English names, the Spell IDs, or Spanish.

If you have an ability in the macro box that you don’t have talented, and click in and out of the box, it switches between the name and Spell ID. I’d like to see what happens with Spanish.

You can also check Raw Edit. I can make you a Spell ID Raw Edit and we can try to see if that helps. Worst case I can try to make a Spanish version, shouldn’t be hard, save from Spanish version of WoW, have AI convert spells using IDs and wowhead to Spanish.

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I found the mistake. in the druid branch, instead of having bristly fur, it has brambles.

and in macro variables. the names of the powers appear in English.

Hi Vik!

Still loving this macro. It’s serving me well. Thanks for making Feral fun to play.

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Ingenious, really putting the GSE features to effective and excellent use. And the hallmark of good coding (and GSE is a coding exercise) is accurate and informational documentation. This is a masterpiece of GSE macro art, and I can only hope you turn to working out something equally as excellent for Augmentation Evokers as the macro I wrote for them is still quite amateurish.


Love your macro. You dont have one for feral?

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Thanks for the praise guys, a single answer to you both, I only play Guardian, and I haven’t really played WoW for a bit, but I feel like I might return for the last patch of Dragonflight, 10.2. Emerald Dream is a long time interest for me as a Druid :slight_smile:


Thanks for the answer =)

@Viktri have been reading through all the posts, and am going to download and try this over the weekend. I have been playing BM hunter (still do) and use GauPanda’s one button macro. Will post some feedback once I use it a week or so. Kinda nervous about having to use other keys to proc things due to disability- but sure I will get used to it. Did I read that you only use the AoE macro or am I mistaken? I only do M+ and do not raid, so will start with AoE and go from there. Also, didn’t notice if you have a Patreon or not?

The aoe only macro is fine to use. It won’t do as high of dps but the mitigation should be the same. The only real difference is using maul instead of raze so about half the dps for that one ability.

Everything else can be clicked with a mouse although I suggest trying to find space for interrupt and maybe taunt particularly in lower M+ when you don’t have gear.

the macro using swipe alot i did like 8m swipe dmg at the end of the dungeon i believe its garbage ability and its should be removed from the macro ?

Please check if the macro imported properly, troubleshoot section macro repeat explanation.