Viktri's (not really) One Button Macro - Dragonflight 10.2 Guardian Druid - v5 Tested and verified for 10.2

Let me introduce you to
Perfect rotation - Full character control - Lightweight and efficient



This macro focuses on executing your rotation as perfectly as possible, while leaving you with as much control of your character as possible. This macro does not automatically use cooldowns, defensives, trinkets or similar abilities. In the above .gif you can see how it prioritizes free [Maul]/[Raze] from [Tooth and Claw] procs, [Thrash] and [Mangle], while using [Swipe] as a filler.

It gives you an easy access to those abilities you want to use often and quick, but not as a part of automated rotation. Namely [Moonfire], [Frenzied Regeneration], [Regrowth] and [Incapacitating Roar].

The macro automatically uses [Ironfur] and only casts [Maul]/[Raze] when the proc makes it free. Same with [Regrowth], it only uses it when it’s procced and doesn’t shift you out of Bear Form when it isn’t.

Big. Thick.
And veiny. After more than 50 hours spent on just this version, I can say this is The Big Dick macro. I have created the best version of this macro so far, by a long shot. Not only does it have increased DPS, but the reliability and regularity of the rotation execution is something out of this world. I have utilized three “Cast Sequence” blocks, which have multiple mutual “circles” of alternating abilities. What does this means for you? Well no longer can the macro and your spam speed align to have many [Swipes] going in a row, and the macro cannot get stuck without executing [Mangle] and [Thrash]. The macro now has a limited amount of [Swipes] it can do in a row, and always executes [Mangle] and [Thrash] within one GCD. At worst you will wait ONE [Swipe]. (except for some very very rare scenarios).

The Templates have returned, now we have 1-AoE and 2-Single Target.


  • Anywhere between 10 and 150 ms spam speed will work great. Recommended 100 ms.

  • If the macro doesn’t perform well with any speed, open it using /gse, right click, go to both Templates and make sure the Interval Value in Block Path 2 is set to 2! It tends to reset by itself.

  • While I do not endorse or condone it, if you are using AutoHotkey to run the macro the recommended speed is also 100 ms.

Tips for safe usage of AutoHotkey from Discord


  • CTRL (control) uses [Maul] instead of [Raze] and vice versa. In Template 1-AoE you can hold CTRL to use [Maul] instead of the [Raze] the macro uses automatically, and same goes for the Template 2-Single Target. That uses [Maul] by default, but holding CTRL makes it use [Raze] for when you need more single target or AoE damage.

  • SHIFT uses [Frenzied Regeneration] as your top priority. Because [Frenzied Regeneration] is both on GCD and requires rage, you need to be careful when you use it. [Frenzied Regeneration] is now in top level KeyPress block, so it executes instantly. But that means if it is not available it will suspend the macro.

  • ALT uses [Incapacitating Roar] as your top priority. Since [Incapacitating Roar] is on GCD, holding ALT will suspend all abilities so you can get the Disorient in time. It will interrupt any spell casting/channeling, and holding ALT also causes the macro to use [Incapacitating Roar] as a priority over [Bear Form] so you don’t waste a GCD when you need an AoE interrupt while casting/not in [Bear Form].

  • Mouseover will cast [Regrowth] when it is on proc from the Dream of Cenarius talent, or [Rebirth] when your friendly mouseover target is dead. It will only cast when you have the proc, and it will not shapeshift you out Bear Form, ever. It doesn’t suspend the macro, so you can mouseover a dead party member and wait to build rage for [Rebirth].
    To cast the free [Regrowth] on yourself you have to mouseover your own unit frames!

  • CTRL+SHIFT uses [Maul] or [Raze] instead of [Ironfur]. if you are off-tanking or in a damage burst phase, these modifiers will make the macro stop using [Ironfur] and instead dump all the rage on [Maul] or [Raze], depending on the template. It respects the template type, uses [Raze] in Template 1-AoE and [Maul] in Template 2-Single Target.

  • ESCAPE is now a modifier too. Since [Moonfire] now auto casts on new targets, pressing Escape will quickly untarget whatever you are fighting, the macro will automatically retarget it again, and since that’s a new target now, it will cast [Moonfire].

  • SHIFT+ALT uses [Pulverize]. It also suspends the macro, so use when [Pulverize] is available.


Core talents:

  • Vicious Cycle] and [Tooth and Claw]: these talents are the new “builder spender” part of Guardian Druid, making [Maul] free, dealing 85% more damage, and giving you a 15% defensive against that target for 6 seconds. The procs work towards each other. Ideally you want to use [Maul] every time you have 3 [Vicious Cycle] procs and get a [Tooth and Claw] proc, or every time you have 2 [Tooth and Claw] procs so you don’t waste them, or any time you want a 15% defensive against a single target. Rest assured that [Maul] is definitely back, and in full force. Testing shows that empowered [Maul] is worth using even in 6 targets scenarios, and arguably always. Just take these talents.
  • [Raze] takes [Maul] even further in AoE scenarios, interacting with all [Maul] talents.
  • [Incapacitating Roar]: Our AoE interrupt, capable of interrupting “red” (unkickable) spell casts. Doesn’t work on bosses, invaluable in M+.
  • [Galactic Guardian]: Changes your [Moonfire] into a monster. Might as well pick [Twin Moonfire] to make it double. New staple of our rotation.
  • [Twin Moonfire][Blood Frenzy]: Essential for their synergies. You will never drop those.
  • [After the Wildfire]: Unbelievably strong and consistent party heal. Never skip on this one.

Recommended talents:

  • [Stampeding Roar]: Great utility for leveling, M+ and Raids alike.
  • [Rage of the Sleeper]: Core with the 10.2 tier set.
  • [Renewal]: Pretty much a Healthstone that lasts forever, hard to pas on this, likely will save your furry bear ass more than once.

Optional talents:

  • [Incarnation: Guardian of Ursoc]: The Big Bad Bear cooldown. Not as immortal as before, still amazing to press on big pulls. [Ursoc’s Guidance] is a must in an Incarn build.

My Incarn-free talents 10.2:

I recommend to check out Wowhead talent guide 10.2:
Wowhead Talent builds

Mage Tower Guardian Challenge talents 10.2:


  • Moonfire:
    After extended testing it is now confirmed that [Moonfire] can more than easily sustain itself, single target or multi target scenarios, so you can mostly have the macro just running, but the ability to cast [Moonfire] on demand is useful. [Galactic Guardian] will proc itself off of itself, meaning it deals increased damage and gives you 8 rage even on automatic casts from a proc from [Galactic Guardian]. The proc unfortunately no longer triggers [Twin Moonfire], so using your proc manually is advised. [Moonfire] automatically casts on new targets, so even single target you can press single Escape to retarget and cast [Moonfire].

  • Why Incapacitating Roar is one of the most powerful abilities we have:
    This works as an AoE interrupt, that is also capable of interrupting those casts that regular kicks won’t, because it is a Disorient. It won’t cause the short period of Silence on enemies, and it won’t work on bosses, but given how valuable and powerful this ability is in M+, I would recommend taking it even for leveling.

  • Maul and Raze:
    [Maul] is extremely powerful in Dragonflight with the [Tooth and Claw] and [Vicious Cycle] talents. These two make [Maul] free, deal 85% more damage, and give you a 15% defensive against that target for 6 seconds. [Raze] with the current balancing deals about 40% less damage than [Maul] single target, meaning from 2 targets up you already have 120% of [Maul]'s damage increasing with every additional target. Definitely a talent that will be used in M+. [Raze] has synergies with all the [Maul] talents, including [Ursoc’s Fury]. It also replaces [Maul] so every macro referencing [Maul] will automatically cast [Raze] instead when that talent is known.

  • Ironfur:
    [Ironfur] is our primary stacking defensive, and now potentially also a damage ability with the [Thorns of Iron] talent. Fully automated in this macro!

  • All other abilities you use manually, as you see fit. As a DPS you might be able to fire off all your CDs randomly, even though I find it too lazy even for wowlazymacros. But as a tank you absolutely can not. The most Important ones, [Barkskin] and [Survival Instincts] are NOT on GCD, meaning you can use them any time with 100% reliability. All other abilities have to be held for a bit to go through without turning the macro off. You hold the button for a split second at the end of the global cooldown to not have your press overwritten by the macro spam. For this, your device has to be recognized as a keyboard by Windows, on top of whatever else it is. My Razer keyboard of course has no problems pushing an ability through the macro, and my new mouse from Steelseries has zero issues as well, but my previous mouse from Roccat needed the macro to be paused to be able to use an ability bound to it. So keep that in mind when creating keybinds, and test your own devices yourself.


Macro code v5 with both templates (unsplit):


Macro code v5 Template 1-AoE (split):


Macro code v5 Template 2-Single Target (split):


This macro contains 2 macro templates.
Exported from GSE 3.1.39 for WoW
Tested and verified to be working perfectly for

The Ability Heads-up display is Luxthos Guardian Druid Weak Aura.
That cool mouse circle that shows GCD and health and stuff is Ultimate Mouse Cursor Weak Aura.
Both had to be removed from the macro WeakAuras section because it was too long to post.

Show more detailed instructions for newer users
  • Copy and paste above code into /gse by pressing the Import button
Show Import Pic 1

  • Make sure to have “Automatically create macro icon” checked on
Show Import Pic 2

  • Drag and drop the icon on the right to your bar
Show Finished import Pic

Action Targeting is no longer supported with this version of the macro. If there is a demand for it, I will release a version for it, since I myself would like to have that.

You can open the macro by typing /gse, right clicking the ONE_BUTTON_VIKTRI macro and go to each template. There you can enable these optional blocks with extra abilities:

Click Save and those abilities will now be automated by the macro! Try to not overdo it and enable all of them, especially the ones that trigger GCD will slow the macro down a tiny bit.


Show change log v5
  • insane rework of everything
  • the macro now uses castsequences
  • changed moonfire to autocast on new target
  • added extra modifier functions
  • added all the extra automation options
  • pulverize
  • regrowth
  • rebirth
  • just so many new things, everything is changed, everything is optimized
Show change log v4.3
  • added Bristling Fur
  • removed template 2 and all mentions of it in the main post. It is not a viable way to play in 10.1.5; you are better off using the template 1 (the only one left) and taking Thorns of Iron talent for more dmg. It might return in the future if there is place for it in the game.
Show change log v4.2
  • minor optimization
  • moved Moonfire to KeyPress for faster more reliable Moonfire
Show change log v4.1
  • reverted default version back to Template 1
Show change log v4
  • while making the v4-2 [Maul]/[Raze] template, I found ways to optimize the v4-1 [Ironfur] template, so everything is reworked again, even more optimized
  • added the v4-2 [Maul]/[Raze] template, obviously
  • cleaned up the macro even more
Show change log v3
  • Reworked the macro to auto cast free [Maul] and [Raze] from [Tooth and Claw] procs
  • Optimized the main rotation even further, macro has shortened from 11 step to 8
  • Included [Moonfire] with CTRL modifier across the main rotation so casting it with CTRL feels faster and has less chance of wasting a proc (same cannot be done for [Frenzied Regeneration] since that would suspend the Rage generating abilities, still trying to find a way to do that, but there might be none)
  • Included optional auto casting of [Wild Charge] and [Barkskin]. Ugh.
  • That cool mouse circle weak aura had to be removed from the macro because it was too long to be posted here. Sad.
Show change log v2.1
  • Return of ~KeyPress~ variable, this time in the most limited way to not impede the rotation execution but to guarantee shapeshifting into a bear and even faster Incapacitating Roar
  • fix to starting the macro with Shift - it will now shapeshift you into bear and use Frenzied Regen on next GCD
  • Fix to starting the macro with Alt - It will now again properly use Incapacitating Roar instantly with 100% reliability
Show change log v2
  • Completely overhauled the main macro body, the blocks, paths, ordering, everything
  • Got rid of all the ~KeyPress~ variables, they were more trouble than good
  • Optimization of everything, reduced number of compiled steps makes the macro very clean
  • Swipe more reliable as a filler, fires off when you try casting Maul or Regen, since it can generate rage and there is no reason to skip on filler ability while building rage for Frenzied Regen
  • A myriad of other small changes, optimizations and various other tweaks
  • added /startattack for those who use Action Targeting for more reliable target switching auto attack
Show change log v1.1

Completely changed priorities due to changes to [Maul]:

  • [Mangle] moved one prio up, [Thrash] one down
  • Completely changed “Block Path 1” with [Maul], dropped [Moonfire] to be automated
  • Added [Maul] as a replacement for a filler instead of [Swipe] in “Block Path 2.2”

Other [Maul] unrelated changes:

  • changed ~KeyPress~ variable to interrupt casting when ALT is held, and to use [Incapacitating Roar] over Bear Form, so you can have instant AoE interrupt even when casting/not in Bear Form
  • fixed major syntax error in [nochanneling]. It will now work properly. We don’t have any channel spells, and like any macro it won’t automatically interrupt spell casting, but it is there just in case we get a boss mechanic/boss button that requires channeling


The macro ignores some modifier, stops with a specific modifier, or doesn’t fire abilities on modifiers when it is pressed. For example CTRL doesn’t fire Moonfire:

Show how to fix ElvUI modifier collision:

Go to ElvUI - Action Bars - General
Check “Lock ActionBars” so the “Pick Up Action Key” selection appears at the top:
Select “None”
You can now uncheck “Lock ActionBars” if you want to.

The macro executes wrong, multiple Mauls in a row

Show proper block repeat explanation

Make sure the Block Path 2 has a Repeat Interval of 2. I have had it reset to 1 multiple times and cannot figure out why.
The Compiled Template needs to looks like this:

I can’t drag the icon to my bars

Fix undragable icon

Highlight the macro by clicking it so the buttons activate, like this:


not like this:


Now click “Create Icon” button. Try dragging the icon now. If that won’t help, Press ESCAPE, go to Macros, Character Specific Macros, and delete the macro named ONE_BUTTON_VIKTRI. Click “Create Icon” in /gse and it should work. Drag the icon.

The macro cycles through but no abilities are used

Fix cycle but no ability use

Make sure the imported macro created a proper in-game Blizzard macro. Press ESCAPE, go to Macros, Character Specific Macros, and have a look at the ONE_BUTTON_VIKTRI macro there. It needs to look exactly like this:

Combined Template:

/click [button:1] ONE_BUTTON_VIKTRI LeftButton t; ONE_BUTTON_VIKTRI

Aoe Template:


ST Template:

/click [button:1] ONE_BUTTON_VIKTRI_ST LeftButton t; ONE_BUTTON_VIKTRI_ST

If it doesn’t, copy and paste the above text. Another issue you might encounter is if you rename the macro during import, the name might turn out to be too long for the in-game Blizzard macro. Make sure the macro is 254/255 characters or shorter. 255/255 means some text has been cut and the macro won’t work at all.

Button gets pressed but nothing happens, not even cycling of the macro

Fix nothing happens

Make sure the game is set to “Cast on key press” not “Cast on key release”. Cast on release is known to cause problems with GSE. You can change your game to cast on press by putting this command into chat:

/console ActionButtonUseKeyDown 1

followed by:


If that doesn’t help you must have some other conflict/error.

The icon stays a red question mark and doesn’t do anything

Fix red question mark icon

The only way I found to fix this is to import the macro without any name change, make sure the in-game Blizzard macro has the same name and proper text (see above). Couldn’t find any other way to solve this.

@mightymist3ry for the Rebirth macro, Moonfire suggestion, Frenzied regen optimization, general testing and assistance, and more
@nukester for adding an extra Swipe which sent me on this whole journey of redesigning the macro from ground up, thank you buddy for the 50+ hours well spent, curse you xD
@Hermit for being helpful and giving feedback and contributions while the v5 was in testing
@yosha for the cvar version of regrowth
@Craigs_List for being a positive presence in general


Testimonials from users:
(from older less optimized version of the macro)

Dov - 99.8 avg parse


Doldhur - 96.8 avg parse


Fede-xu - 95.9 avg parse


Outage - 88.8 avg parse


  • I have been playing with, toying with and optimizing this macro since BfA
  • It’s performance has been analyzed and scrutinized by addons and website performance analyzers to great results across different expansions
  • Nobody can tell you are using it, even in high-ish M+ or Mythic raids. You look like any other tryhard.
  • While I don’t have access to private logs from my last guild, you can easily look me up on warcraftlogs to see my performance (almost 90 percentile average) across ALL Shadowlands Mythic+, all performed using this macro:

nice macro but very complicated for me to comprehend when to do what…but thanks for the input… :wink:

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it’s simple, you start your macro spam with a repeat function in your mouse or keyboard software, when you need Frenzied Regen you hold Shift, when you need Moonfire you hold Control, when you need Incapacitating Roar you hold Alt, and the macro uses them as soon as possible. If you don’t hold anything it just does the bear rotation including Ironfurs. (With Galactic Guardian you could technically never cast Moonfire and let the automatic Moonfires do the job)

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thanks … ill give it a go… appreciate it…

Make sure to check the troubleshooting section if you run into any problems. Importing macros into GSE can sometimes prove to be more convoluted than it should be, but I hope I covered most situations in the troubleshoot part.

I’ve never seen a macro run that fast isnt .002 4ms as i run 110ms and thats my razer set to .110 could be wrong

Yeah could be wrong. I tested my macro up to 100 ms on each press down and up, making it effectively 200 ms, and it seemed to work fine, except for the rare occasion when something came off cooldown/procced between the last macro push and the actual GCD on game. It would queue up Swipe and not change it to something higher priority when it could, like Thrash or Mangle, because there simply was no button press. I also found that running this macro at even higher speeds than 4 ms can sometimes lag you or other people, very rare but never happened to me at 4 ms.

I have spent a lot of time to optimize the macro and minimize the clutter, so it doesn’t bog down your system when run many times a second.

I would probably recommend trying your own speeds. My worry would be at way lower speeds, the macro might start missing Swipes (as filler) because it would do the double check of Thrash and Mangle first and you would just sit there waiting for it to get down to swipe (or something else coming off CD/proc), wasting part of your GCD. If there was some way to check the state of Mangle and Thrash and only use Swipe when those are not available, the type of conditional I know is not allowed in basic in-game Blizzard macros, I would love to know. That would solve everything.

I like it, it works great for me! Good work and great description of your macro! A+

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Thanks, I am happy for your positive rating (especially the description - took me the whole day of Saturday) but I am even happier that it works for you. I had so many problems with importing my own macro (and others macros too for that matter) that I am just glad to see it confirmed by someone, the import works :slight_smile:

hi there trying your macro seem to work realy good thank u for that would u be able to put a picture up or something of your keyboard set up ie 1 is macro 2 is stamped roar etc etc thanks a million

I will when I get home, but you won’t like it. I use Razer Orbweaver so the keys are very much not standard layout. Will post pictures anyway.

thank u so much just realy no what spells are on the keys lol thank s

works great , no problems so far :slight_smile:

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4MS? This just seems like begging for a ban or am i missing something?

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Well I understand the concern for sure, but I have been running it at 2 ms for the whole of BFA, after which I slowed it down to 4 ms because some people complained about lags, I wasn’t sure it was me (and still am not sure) but slowing it down didn’t seem to make it worse.

I tested running as slow as 100 ms press down and up, see my previous reply to another player who was concerned about the same thing. I am going to edit the recommended speed in main post anyway, just to be sure.

Besides that, isn’t all we are doing here following the TOS? Since Blizzard confirmed it is okay to have a spam button set in your keyboard/mouse software as long as it only spams one and the same button, for accessibility reasons. They even introduced the same function in game this expansion, the “Press and hold continuous casting”
GSE has been mentioned more than once on Twitter and elsewhere as an addon that is creative but ultimately doesn’t do anything against TOS and is allowed. It is present on Curse, which curates it’s addons and won’t allow “banned” addons as well. Thus I would assume all we do here is “legal” and not in any way reason for an account suspension.

Here is my setup, as requested, I doubt it will help you but maybe :slight_smile:

My bars:



My Razer:



My mouse:


This is what it looks like in real life so you can have an idea what is bound to what:

Button 5 and Button 4 are Windows Forward and back buttons, I use them to always have those when I quickly change from game to a browser on a second monitor, so I don’t have to wait for profile change

I’m probably posting way to early but what are you going to be changing your talent tree to with the new update that went out today?

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Not posting early, I have been testing the new talents and the new macro, and I have changes to priority of Mangle/Thrash, Moonfire automation and inclusion of Maul! I will be posting the new macro tonight, including talents. Keep in mind everything is aimed at lvl 70 Dragonflight druid, all testing, theorycrafting and the macro itself is for lvl 70. We can use it in Retail as lvl 60 just fine, but that’s not it’s ultimate intended purpose.


Really looking forward to your update! Thank you!

So you have included maul in the macro? Awesome…are you going to keep the "DO NOT USE MAUL’ text in the description for those who do not follow WoW news, or read that far down the comments :wink:

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