VINIMAGNUS Destro with Moonsorrow's Edits

This is my updated version of VINIMAGNUS’s pre-patch Destruction Warlock macro for 10.0.5. It now applies to Immolate correctly. The ALT key triggers Havoc, which can be changed to Chaos Bolt for additional Chaos Bolts. The Shift key stops casting and activates Rain of Fire. I recommend keeping Rain of Fire on your bar to track when the Ritual of Doom is needed. The talents have also been updated for Mythic+.

Run at 100 MS with Hardware Automation (icue, G-Hub, etc). If you use AHK please run at 250 ms, but I will not support AHK.

To add Chaos Bolt to the macro, in the KeyPress add the following syntax:

/stopcasting [mod:ctrl]
/cast [mod:ctrl, nochanneling] Chaos Bolt




Thanks - that is a great macro, the best one that fit my play stile, thanks for sharing.

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Hey, thanks for the macro. Three Questions: 1. Why you select Grimoire of Sacrifice when you dont use it? 2. what you mean with “the ritual of doom is needed” When i need this? ( sorry, i am not confident in using WL) 3. What is the point of including the chaos bolt additionally? He is already exists in the normal rota

Grimoire of Sacrifice is kind of a hit-or-miss right now. It really depends on the instance, and the boss to use it. For example, if the boss has a lot of movement, you do not want to use it, but if it’s s stand still boss, like a Patchwerk encounter, you can use it.

Ritual of Doom is a talent, that is used to summon an Infernal, albeit weaker than your normal infernal, it’s a passive that works really well. Ritual of Doom also has a proc system, where you can get a free Chaos Bolt or Rain of Fire depending on how many shards you spend.

The reason for the modded Chaos Bolt is there if you have an abundance of shards that you can quickly fire off. This would be key if you use the Mayhem talent, which auto applies Havoc.

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Is there an updated Talent Import, or better yet a screen shot of what it looks like since WoW keeps updating it so the current import strings are all useless.

Thats the hard part is the new talents each week. For Destro I don’t have one just yet, the last one I was using was the standard M+ with Mayhem. I’ll look into this over the weekend.

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yep outdated talents… maybe take this post off till it can be fixed…save a lot of time for us noobs… thanks for the work… bet it worked good tho… cheers.

I’m gonna keep this thread up for the meantime and it’s not hard to Sim personal Talents anyways, what 30sec-1min?

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Then what you are saying is that everybodies that still works and just needs updated talents needs to be taken down. Just easier and less stressful to do what Deezyl says. and anybody new to the post will see the last time it was updated and can make their own decision to try it or not based on the date. there is alot of creators that just stop updating cuz the macro is where they like it and think that people are smart enough to read the posts and see where the macro is at in the update process. Like Moon saying he will look into it. something probably came up and he hasnt had a chance to do it yet.

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Go here for talents: Best Destruction Warlock Talent Tree Builds - Dragonflight 10.0.7 - Wowhead

I’m using the M+ one and I changed to Mayhem just so I don’t have to manually control Havoc. My computer died a few days ago, so I haven’t been working on any updates on some of my other macros while trying to get the M+ season ending award with the season ending next week.

thanks Moonsorow…this opened up a whole new reference point for understanding for me and im sure others…didnt realize it was there…answers my question… now that i have a reference point to refer to. Gracias :wink:

Nice to see people keeping up with my old macros. :smiley: