Vins-Boomface-1.0 Balance with Treants & Fury

Alt: Starfall
Shift: Barkskin
Ctrl: Reapply or Apply Moonfire & Sunfire


Talents 1233222

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.06.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Force of Nature

KeyPress: Moonfire, Moonkin Form, Sunfire, Barkskin, Starfall

Main Sequence: Fury of Elune, Starsurge, Solar Wrath, Lunar Strike, Celestial Alignment

Post Macro: Starsurge

modified at 19:13 pm 2019.07.11

good burst at the start, the ctrl to reapply doesn’t work and then it keeps saying i need paku as my loa

still haven’t gotten the Ctrl to work, but the Pa’ Ku thing is happening on all my macros and i dont know why

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@jordan-booko1 you need to check all your keybindings, somewhere in your settings ctrl is bound to something, unbind it and it will work

I’m finding it spams Solar wrath after a few cycles so I am busy finding what causes that and I’ll update the OP

Hello, could you more describe for us beginners how to use this macro, please? How can I recognize when to press Ctrl for repeating? etc,. Thank you for your time, very appreciate it.

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@mpark Hi, the way you use it :slight_smile:

The macro starts by applying the 2 dots Moonfire and Sunfire, if the mobs are stacked it should apply to all, you will need Weak Auras or something to tell you when to reapply the dots, or just reapply if more mobs are pulled in the same fight or to reapply to a boss.
Shift is for Barkskin
and Alt is for Starfall at your cursor

thank you, 20 character I have to write before post, just thank you is not enought :slight_smile:

can you share your WA, pls?

@mpark I use Preach’s WA, I’m not sure I can share link on here to otehr content but if you google for Preach BFA UI you will find it, and then you could also use Luxthos weak auras, again just google for Luxthos weak auras

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Now it is working great, thank you. Only AOE is still small in DPS, but in M+ I rather use the power from this macro and do not want to experiment with AOE, cause dont want to be a pulling ninja :slight_smile: