Void-Spirit Vengance Demon Hunter

Hello World

Just want to Share my Void-Spirit Demon Hunter Profile with you. Main Focus is keep up the Debuffs from Void Reaver and Spirit Bomb. This means 6% less Damage and more self Heal.

Testet out in Mythic +2 and only with 5 or more Mobs you get in trouble.

Feel Free for Testing and let me know what you think about it. It just fire when you are in Combat, so you can keep the Button for it`s self and dont think about it, just Pull with Throw Glaive.

<img src=“https://picload.org/view/dlwpddow/demon.png.html” alt=“DPS” />


Been using the macro now for approx 3 days previously using viper/Enix and I jumped from mythic plus 2 to mythic plus 5 with ur macro it’s amazing and I’m surprised u havnt had more posts. Just want to say thank you for the hard work and can you let us know if any updates ect. Thanks again

Can someone please help I am useless with code ect, I am using and love this macro however to run higher keys I need to remove demon spikes for use on need rather that on trash packs. Can someone update the macro and just remove demon spike for me plz?

> /gse
> edit macro
> click the tab “1”
> copy demon spike line
> delete
> save

You could add it to a modifier, assuming the other ones aren’t already taking. That would allow you to run the macro without stopping it to cast spikes.

Thank you very much, will just bind it to a key as don’t known how to set up modifiers.

/cast [mod:alt] Demon Spikes
/cast [mod:shift] Demon Spikes
/cast [mod:ctrl] Demon Spikes

Use one of those; copy one and place it in “keypress”.

Make sure you don’t have an existing keybind set to whatever key your macro is on + alt, shift, or ctrl.

The best one yet self heal is bang on thank you

Took a look at this for those leveling DH’s.

If you’re planning on using this to level from 98-108, you will need to remove Spirit Bomb, in addition to changing cast sequence to cast. Otherwise, the macro will fall apart and you’ll only cast Shear.

Is there anyway to put Spirit bomb as a favorited cast over Soul cleave? It never fails i get 4-5 orbs out and it soul cleaves right before it spirit bombs. Seems like a loss of dps? I dont know im new to all of this.

This macro is ace! I had no experience with Ven DH and had a need to tank, tried the macro and not only am I keeping agro, but I’m usually the top end of the DPS too.

Only thing I changed was removing Infernal Strike so I can choose when to have it available for mobility.

I will at some point try and learn to tank without the macro to better understand the class, but I’ll wait until I hit a wall with this first.

Thank you so much for making it and even more so for sharing it!

been using this one for quite a while now. made a few minor edits, like removing SB from it and putting it on manual and have to say i love the macro works really nice and smooth no strange lockup and debufs up for 99% of the time!


My first time trying out GSE and was wondering if I need specific talents for this? it doesnt cast sigil of flame for me

10/10 macro - made some minor tweaks for my personal preferences (cd’s, sigils, etc), but otherwise excellent work!

Indeed, 10/10.

DV8, can you say what you changed with the CDs?

Very nice macro flawless 10/10 ive been using it for a while now with slight modification to the other sigils in the class. thanks a lot

[quote quote=69005]Indeed, 10/10.
DV8, can you say what you changed with the CDs?[/quote]

I added Demon Spikes, Infernal Strike, and all my sigils to modifiers.

It’s not clickable after importing.
Also tried other macro from other threads. only this one not working.
Anyone know what caused problem?

just start to attack this macro works in combat

[quote quote=69097]

Ethan Hunt wrote:
It’s not clickable after importing. Also tried other macro from other threads. only this one not working. Anyone know what caused problem?
just start to attack this macro works in combat[/quote]

Had to activate another macro to attack, then this one became available.

Anyone try this in higher mythic’s yet?