Vukans Frost 1.0 (Frost Mage)

Simple Frost Macro with key modifiers for procs. Casts Ice Barrier and Icy Veins off cooldown. CRTL key mod for Blizzard when Brain Freeze Proc pops. (make sure cursor is placed where you want Blizzard to be cast!) Testing between 50-60ms for AHK (depending on your latency, etc.). I am in no way great. This is my first macro ever and I am just learning. Any suggestions or help would be awesome! Remember, this is just my setup, mess around with it, test out your own talents and let me know below what I can do to improve it!

Talents: 2,3,1,3,1,1,3

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Simple Frost Macro with key modifiers for procs. Make sure to fire Flurry then Ice Lance in order. CRTL key mod for Blizzard when Brain Freeze Proc pops. (make sure cursor is placed where you want Blizzard to be cast!)
Casts Ice Barrier and Icy Veins off cooldown.
Testing between 50-60ms for AHK

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.02.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Ice Barrier

KeyPress: Flurry, Ice Lance

Main Sequence: Glacial Spike, Ebonbolt, Blizzard, Frozen Orb, Frostbolt

KeyRelease: Icy Veins

;; by Hadronox / Rezel

#IfWinActive, World of Warcraft	;; enabled only in WoW

While GetKeyState("1", "P") {
	Send, {Blind}1	;; blind mode to send modifiers
	Sleep, 50

^PgDn::Suspend	;; Ctrl + PageDown to suspend script (if you want to chat)
^PgUp::Reload	;; Ctrl + PageUP to reload script
^End::ExitApp	;; Ctrl + End to terminate script

Thanks to Hadronox / Rezel for the AHK script!

works great for me. thx.

No problem. Not sure on parses or anything. Feel free to let me know of any dps outputs, etc.

Tested on latest patch and this still works!

Just tested, still working great. Hotkeyed Flurry/Ice for procs.

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Any suggestions or anything, or even improvements, feel free to post em here!

Great macro, thanks for your work.

But I made some little changes:

  • Took Blizzard out for singletarget reasons. For multitarget I just made a simple /cast [@cursor] macro and put in on my bars.
  • Changed the castsequence from Shift, to Alt
  • Made a new Shift modifier, with only Glacial Spike
  • Created a new modifier with Ctrl for Ice Lance
  • Put my Essence (Flame) in PreMacro, Sequence and PostMacro

So that’s the changes I made to the macro itself. After that I created a simple WeakAura which shows me, when I have a Brain Freeze Procc.

Basically I start the macro, use the proccs of Ice Lance as often as possible (Ctrl), and when I get the Brain Freeze procc, I start casting Glacial Spike (Shift) and immediately after use the Flurry/Ice Lance castsequence (Alt). Like this I don’t cast Glacial Spike without Brain Freeze.

My boosted Mage is only 7 hours old, now at ilvl 407. Targetdummy he sims ~23k DPS. Using your macro with my edits, I do around 21-22k, which seems great.

If you want I can post it here or create a new thread, ofc telling people, I took your macro and changed it.



edit 2019-12-30T23:00:00Z
I just created a new thread with the modified version of your macro. Couldn’t stop myself from doing it :nerd_face: :nerd_face:

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