Vuln help

Hey all I am not experienced in creating macros what-so-ever.

I am wondering if there is a way to create a macro that will cast only aimed shot if the target has vuln, and if it doesnt it goes through the rest of the rotation until vuln is on the target then it stops that rotation and goes to a new rotation? I keep seeing wasted aimed shots in alot of these macros and I am wondering if this is possible at all?

Simple answer - NO.

There are options. These would involve you taking action when vulnerable is up.

One way is to control aimed shots directly and not include them in the macro. I’m trying a macro that had aimed shots and deleted the aimed shots, added a weak auras vulnerable indicator, fire aimed shots when vulnerable, trigger the macro when not vulnerable. It definitely helps get dps up and also increases number of successful aimed shots.

Will try in raid and see if it helps in real world.

Ok sweet, thanks for the reply.