War within and future of add-ons?

Yea might be so.
Well lets hope this never has to be my backup plan then haha.

Looks like to me you have 1 spell per key, per press so I don’t think it would be considered Botting unless you had it on a toggle :slight_smile:

Blizz records EVERY key press so the fact you are using different keys I think this would be ok.

But it would need to be on a whilst pressed and not toggled and walk away kind of thing.

But it is Blizz so you never know

We will see what happens :grinning:

I am awestruck about the sociological and (WoW game) cultural implications of this as-yet-unannounced set of changes. VERY rarely in history, has any company “rocked the boat” when it comes to a steady income stream, loyal followers; all for the hope of future customers.

Think of major automobile manufacturers coming out tomorrow and announcing that they will no longer be producing combustion engines, but only electric ones. Moreover, they won’t be training, nor giving technical support any longer to models that they’ve put out in the past.

See the ‘choice’ that they are forcing you into? Its the choice that not a choice.

But its not all bad…

Yes they will lose players, but this is small potatoes to the numbers that they will pick up; they are converting/updating/re-making their system to a more console-friendly future of WoW.

That means that they’ll need to “level the playing field,” so to speak, and break addons–even popular ones. Many have complained, and even top-rated players waxed nostalgic when citing that originally that there were less addons needed to succeed in the game when it came to remembering WoW’s first post-launch days as being “easier to play.”

Think of this way, even if they lose GSE users (they will), this is will pale in comparison to people who have consoles in the world–and therefore, stand to gain even MORE subscribers as a result. XBox won’t make Blizz do a port (yet), but you can bet the farm that they’ll still do the GamePass thing–which has run-on effects in a number of ways:

1.) Greater integration and reliance on controller and controller support.

2.) Ban the use of addons (as noted previously)–which don’t play well with consoles–so that there is no longer an over-reliance on the former. Doing so “levels the playing field” between those who will use consoles and those who don’t. Again, like in FFXIV. Suddenly, SE’s Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell policy regarding addons and their janky-ass macro system begins to make sense. I suspect that Blizz will do the same in the future, once addons are broken.

The trade off will be that the game and rotations will be easier to play; again, à la FFXIV. “De-button bloating” and making less complex boss fights to be brought back in line with play-out-of-the-box difficulty levels. MDI and even R1 PVPers will need to re-learn the game; many will drop off, but there will be new “elite” guilds, teams, and players to take their places.

A major shakeup indeed. And all of our UIs will be less cluttered, but uniform. Sterile.

In the short term, I predict that once the general WoW community catches wind of this, the blowback will be fierce, especially the closer we get to TWW’s release. Can hear the soon-to-come howling on the major forums now…

Think of it: no more DBM, bag addons, Weakauras, ElvUI, or even RP addons.

Ok, the last one is just downright funny…

Furthermore, if I had to predict it, I’d say that they’ll be doing more than GamePass: WoW is coming to XBox, but that is a ball of wax unto its own and long-term. However, this change confirms it for me; I do not need to read a market share report to see where this train is headed.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, Imma go lob a granade in the forums by (briefly) explaining to the general WoW player base that their longtime favorite addons are about to faceplant–and why. Then stand back and watch the fire. On Reset Tuesday. When peeps have nothing else to do, but…peruse the forums. :upside_down_face:

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As far as I know we haven’t seen any blue posts or responses from Blizz are we even sure this was intended and if so not just for the alpha? I mean we’ve seen a number of large bugs in game lately so I’m hesitant to think they wouldn’t be more targeted if they were intending to break a single type of addon.

Yeah, I just saw this; read ‘new players’. Translation: they intend to grow their player base outside of their systems in the past; which (again) likely mean consoles. Further proof.


Addons = bad. But make of it what you will.

A lot of work needs to be done to make wow work on consoles but as it looks now it could lead to that in the future i would not mind if they do i love playing final fantasy with my controler never ever felt the need i needed an addon there