War within and future of add-ons?

Anyone know anything about the fate of add-ons and thus the potential of this all ending? I’m someone that just found out this existed and the thought of it going away so soon sucks. Sorry if this was already asked, couldn’t find anything prior. Peace and love :v:

Where do you get that information from ? On Alpha addons are disabled which they do often with an Alpha build

I heard some YouTuber talk about it weeks back, but honestly idk if that is credible or not. And also saw some posts on Reddit few days back when I was just looking around. So, maybe someone heard something too l, but if that’s not a thing I’d be extremely happy

Well you never know with blizard … but i highly doubt they would get rid of addons that would make them lose a lot subs, Many bosses almost can’t be done without addons they would need to adjust so many things then

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@Andrew_Medina @joffrey-brown For information about the future of war within is to check Issues · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler · GitHub .

We are totally in limbo about whether or not it will be able to be used as we know it ( for now )


Blizard MADE unavailable the posibility of execution macrotexts SecureActionButtonTemplate i think

Have in mind with every alpha / beta build, API can change.

BUT THE LATEST GOOD NEWS, IS THAT @TimothyLuke WORKED HARD, and found a way… something that could mimic how GSE act and works.

PLEASE And dont forget to patreon up to https://www.patreon.com/TimothyLuke/posts


PS: please @Siodar , if any info is mistaken or wrong, feel free to correct it , but possibly its time to address the elephant in the room


Thanks for the info lloskka, Well lets hope it all works out and blizz does not do any crazy things :slight_smile:



FYI latest week i bought, 5 gaming mice… yes 5 of one brand and model.

Its the only mouse that i can play with, not having movement and little pain issues .

And the only game i play in computer is WoW, and i cant play wow without GSE

So its a big deal, true.


it’s a heavy discussion and will affect Clique, Total RP 3 and similar addons

In its current form this will affect about 80% of all addons. The scale of change is the equivalent of the difference between what mods could do in Vanilla compared with the restricted combat environment introduced in The Burning Crusade. The most impacted by this would appear to be GSE and WeakAuras.

As with any expansion it is a moving target. Mods are enabled and disabled on the alpha at random. They are currently enabled and I have a proof of concept able to replicate the core aim of GSE. Is the PoC able to create a macro - no. Macros in this new environment are limited to only what is in /macro and a max of one action and total of 255 characters in each. (Essentially the equivalent of one action block in GSE.) What I am able to do is create a button that directly casts spells and abilities when called (clicked) by a hardware event. Combining a static macro with this button will replicate the bulk of what GSE does.

What does this all mean? There is around 520 hours work remaining over the next few months to have a successor to GSE available for TWW. This essentially is a new mod from the ground up with as much change as existed between GSE 2 and GSE 3.

As @Lloskka was able to advise you, I have been following this closely and keeping GSE’s Patrons informed of progress. They are the people who have input in the shape of how this will change going forward. If you are not a GSE Patron and interested in following this I would direct you to monitor GSE’s GitHub as this is where all changes to GSE are advised and discussed - GitHub - TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler: GSE is an alternative advanced macro editor and engine for World of Warcraft. It uses Travis for UnitTests, Coveralls to report on test coverage and the Curse packager to build and publish GSE..


Wow thx for the update! Didn’t know all this was going on, I just sub to your Patreon, I’ll definitely support where I can. Thx for all your work :blush: (and thx to the whole gse team)

What about going back to old-school swapbar macros? Could we not go back to that style of building again… ? And with the added function of loops setting up multiple gse castsequence macros or limited /cast macros Im sure we will be fine still… 255 characters for a macro is a ton if done correctly.

You can’t do any form of chaining of actions in the new environment. You would have to swap to bar 2 manually or in a separate macro. In which case you may as well use the buttons on the one action bar.

A macro also can’t call another macro anymore.

Note that there is also no increase in macro slots and addons will be competing to use these slots.

There wont be any GSE style macros. You can either have a macro with one /cast in it or a macro with a singular /castsequence All of the restrictions that apply to those in normal macros havnt changed.

Essentially macros in TWW are reduced to:

/cast spell

Trinkets and off cooldown things can’t be cast simultaneously anymore from a macro.

I won’t be commenting on this thread further. Will be discussing in GSE’s Discord and GitHub. This site is about macros not GSE’s bugs or development. WLM will need to decide what it wants to do in TWW.


Ouch if Blizz does go ahead with this they will lose a lot of players

BIG TIME , probably


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it’s to kill weakaura’s and things like that, they dont want addons to be able to tell you how to do mechanics in raids etc.

They have talked about it for a while, that’s why lots of stuff is encrypted now

wont lose me, i dont use WA for stuff. lol

Ok, but I do, and is very much needed for a few addons to work too.

Precisely these 2 as tim said, gse3 and wa will be redone from zero ( IF )


I am testing my mouse for using rotation. I have Razer and i just make so it will click different button for rotation. I made some in game macros and put in bars that i choose mouse to press and i actually got incredible result on my Ret Pala. Thou im not sure if this is legal but this is my backup if Blizz wanna kill addons :slight_smile:


yeah already getting my keypress set up on my Logitech as well … :slight_smile: even with modifiers as well. Might even break out the old AHK scripts :slight_smile:

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I would advice on the contrary.

That long recording keypresses smell lik automation 100%.