Warrior 5.3-5.4 macros need help!

i need help to make an macro, i want the macro to do something like this,

when i cast mortal strike i get 2 stacks of “taste of blood” and when those stacks are up i want to be able to spam overpower until i have used my stacks, then cast mortal strike once again

can anyone help me with this?

I haven’t touched my Warrior in months. I’ll dust him off this weekend and see what I can do.

thanks :slight_smile:

/castsequence reset=2 Mortal Strike, Slam, Overpower, Overpower

Seee if that works for you.

And I want to see MJL’s macro as you always have some good ones I either use outright or a modified version of.

will try that one, thanks :slight_smile: