Warrior arms, adding Taunt to macro


I want to add Taunt to my Warr Arms macro. So I need to chancge stance to Defencive, use Taunt, and back to Battle Stance. And I want it on [mod:Q] (or any other button i don use, or only ctrl/alt/shift possible to use?)

How do I add that?

This Is what the sequence looks like now:

/cast [nocombat] Battle Stance

/targetenemy [noharm,nodead]
/cast Charge
/cast [combat] Bloodrage

/cast [mod:shift] Sweeping Strikes
/cast Execute
/cast Overpower
/cast Whirlwind
/castsequence [mod:ctrl] Rend, Hamstring
/castMortal Strike
/cast [mod:alt] Heroic Strike
/cast [mod:shift] Cleave


I tried to just add to sequence:
/cast [mod:Q] Defensive Stance, Taunt, Battle Stance

But its not that easy… How do I do that?

I also want the same for Shield Bash. (doesnt require stance change though).
I want: /cast [mod:X] equip “my shield”, Shield Bash, equip “my sword”

Answering my own questions now =)

I found ot that i should probably use /castsequence

So I tried:
/castsequence [mod:altl] Defensive Stance, Taunt, Battle Stance

That works… bu im running out of [mod:?] alternatives

[mod:q] does not seem to work. only ctrl,alt,shift ? Anyway to change this?

Here are the [mod]'s i use for a prot warrior.
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/cast [mod:lalt] Avatar
/cast [mod:rctrl] Shockwave
/cast [mod:rshift] Last Stand
/cast [mod:lctrl] Demoralizing Shout
/cast [mod:lshift] Revenge
/cast [mod:ralt] Ignore Pain

If you have a programable mouse all you need to do is assign all the right side modifiers to mouse buttons.