Warrior Macro help

Hello WoW Lazy Macros Community,

I came in a search for macroing, dont know if such thing can be done. (Have not found it in FAQ or Guide Section)
Keep in mind i dont want GNOME SEQUENCER, nor do I want a 1 button spammy macro.

I just want a simple 1 button to rotate my procs and normal rotation. With all that in mind the way i want it to works:

Primatily it uses Shield Slam on ALL Cooldowns and mainly on Sword and Board Procs.
Then it cast Revenge and prioritize Revenge over the others when its cooldown its reseted and Shield Slam is on CD
Then it spam Devastate as a filler.

Keep in mind its not a “Cast sequence”. It is a reactive priority macro cast.
Is that possible with MacroToolkit?

Thanks in advance!

PS: I had something similar to it as a Prot Paladin back in Cata.

I have what you’re looking for right here and hope you enjoy! :smiley:

Link: - YouTube

In all honesty, you have one choice here: take a risk with a botting program, reasons are…

1.) Gnome Sequencer + MacroToolKit + SuperDuperMacro are just addons that make 1 button spammy macros work. (pretty pointless considering your post). :stuck_out_tongue:

2.) 1 button WoW macros such as…

/cast Shield Slam
/cast Revenge
/cast Devastate

will not work, this will just continue to try and cast Shield Slam over and over. Hence the necessity for the above 3 addons to make these work.

3.) None of the mentioned above can actually track your buffs, and prioritize spells over others and make it cast the way you want.

Sorry. :frowning: