Warrior - Protection (Tank) Update 2

As I promised, here with more updates to lazy macros on this weekend! This time it is for the Protection warriors out there. It might sound like a small fix but it is a huge advantage in battle. For some reason the spell Revenge it was not working as intended, so I started to test ways to make it work and still keep what is already part of the lazy macro. The downside on this update is that I had to remove the Commanding Shout to make the Revenge spell work. It was a tough decision since I wanted to make everything work but did not want to provide a version that would lock up when fighting against casters. It was a matter to decide which one was more useful per time in the battle. Commanding Shout it has a minute cooldown, that means you have to wait another minute before it goes off again, versus Revenge that can be used multiple times in a minute (about 10) making it to be on the advantage side and so I had to choose Revenge.
There was some cleanup on the Arms and Fury macros but nothing that affected the macros at all, it was a spell called Heroic Throw that I removed because it was not working and so I got rid of it.
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