Weak Aura to show a Macro is running?

I was wondering if I could make a Weak Aura that could see the Macro is running and display an icon on-screen. Maybe something that see’s I’ve used the macro and doesn’t disappear for a few hundred ms, so every time I tap the key it refreshes the weak aura, but if I spot tapping it disappears after that time.

if you can make it, i love to see this. sounds interesting.

There are two ways to achieve that without WA’s by Addons: Details! and TrufiGCD. Otherwise you’re gonna have to search Wago if it exists.

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Let me ask a simple question. Once you figure out the answer to this then you will be able to amazing things.

How does a Weak Aura, noting that WeakAuras is a mod totally contained within the game just like GSE that has no access to anything else happening outside the game, tell that you are running an illegal third party tool to spam the button for you?

GSE doesn’t even know that your macro is running. It only sees the individual clicks.

I dont know if youre able to, but if you find one let us know!
Im using Trufi GCD to see what spells and abilities are being used, which also indicates that the macro is running :wink:

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