WebSite acting up

The site seems to be hacked or what not sure when i come on it it sends me to mcafee virus pages ! I mean WoW

have not had any issues when coming here

doesn’t mean there’s not anything there.

Not had any issues either, are you sure its not your PC thats got a virus?

mcafee is a horrible virus protector. they flag the smallest thing even if its harmless.

with 2 more replies, it seem it working for couple others also. so might be your antivirus/ internet suite program. worth looking into it.


But yeah McAfee is one of the worst AV providers in my opinion.

If I leave the page open for for about 15 mins I get a big pop up stating something about McAffee virus protection.

that’s probably an ad not the website been hacked :smiley:

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gonna go check this out right now…thx

yeah dont have mcafee lol

might have been but it was allover the page !

Don’t have Mcafee issue, but for the last few weeks, the site constantly crashes/locks up on me. I disabled my popup blocker, and it still does it, in addition to the site being almost unusable due to popups.

If you have vpn you wont see the ads