Website change

Change the layout of the website into a pve and pvp section.

most gs(e) are useless for pvp and vice versa.

this is getting more and more intertwined and its hard to see what is what
anymore without getting a headache.

Hello ik ik,

I will make a poll to see if is something others in the community also would like to have. I have thought about it before, but it could also add more harm than good. I always use the same macros for pve or pvp with slight modifications, but it might not be the case for everyone else.

This also means it will create an extra steps just to get to the macros. Also people can mistakenly post in the wrong spec and create confusion. I would have to plan so it does not mess up the current hierarchy.

I am willing for improvement, just don’t want break things in the process. Thank you for your suggestion.

thanks for taking it into consideration

I am sad to see the addition of unnecessary complexity to the website. Instead of pushing a more responsible cultural/behavioral change (better subject line crafting) or a tagging paradigm that would assist EVERYONE, the decision was made to introduce substantial and unnecessary chaos.

The community as a whole is far better served by a forum structure that is more easily scanned. It is FAR more pragmatic to push the “problem” onto the community. If PVP macros are difficult to find, then the burden is on the PVP macro authors to properly identify then as [PvP].

Adding yet another layer through which we must drill and adding to the confusion that some macros can (or may be) used by some for both PvP and PvE just makes this entire venture a boondoggle of false solution.

Not every idea/suggestion is a good suggestion … experienced leaders know this. It is one thing to be responsive to the community, it is another thing entirely to allow a vocal minority to blind administration to the real needs of the community writ large. For every active member, I venture there are dozens of passive members. For every registered users, I venture there are hundreds of passive users.

The structural change implemented to satisfy the discomfort of some has resulted in discomfort for all. I hope administration will have the wisdom and courage to understand this and reverse course.