Weird Macro Request (Assistance)

Hey All,

So to short story it, I have two Macro’s:
Sin Strike (just starts attacking if I dont have energy to use SS):
#showtooltip Sinister Strike
/cast Sinister Strike(Rank 12)

Then I have my Tricks Of The Trade (just applies this to Focused Target normally Main Tank):
#showtooltip Tricks of the Trade
/cast [target=focus] Tricks of the Trade

I’m in a bit of a pickle where I’m trying to make a macro where it uses the TOT Macro then if on CD, uses my Sin Strike Macro.

I’ve seen people use Castsequences to queue up spells but no one mentions using other macros in this macro.

I’ve tried this (7 being TOT Macro and 8 being Sin Strike Macro):
#showtooltip Sinister Strike
/click ActionButton7
/click ActionButton8

But it only casts SS if im out of a party and if im in a party with a focused target, it only casts TOT, it wont do both.

Any ideas?

Advanceds thank you’s!

If i’m not mistaken, i think instead of using ActionButton#, you have to use the macro name that’s on that button, so for instance:

/click ActionButton7 (ToT macro)
would be
/click ToT_Macro_Name (if you named it ToT Macro Name, and i think you have to use _ in place of spaces).

I’m not 100% on this though. TimothyLuke can probably point you to some help files regarding what you’re looking for, or someone else might be able to help.


so I’ve got the original macros titled “Sin Strike” and “TOT” so I have tried the below following your advice:

#showtooltip Sinister Strike (just cause i like the look of it)
/click TOT (my Tricks Of The Trade)
/click Sin Strike (my Sinister Strike)

Unfortunatly running this doesnt enter combat so even if TOT is working, its not being skipped due to not available to cast so Sin Strike (where the first line it “/startattack”) is not happening.

Appreciate the help though!

i think Timothy can really give the answer. but i believe something like this was asked before (like withing last 3 months) and he said (again i could be wrong) that GSE isnt set up for casting macros within macros. it only casts spells that is within the game itself.

I wish I could remember the macros that did it, but unless TimothyLuke changed something in GSE3, they had lines in the macro that said to click another macro name. It’s kind of like how I mentioned earlier in the thread. I’ll see if I can manage to find something like that. But the macro would call another GSE macro by using /click “macro name here”, but the names had to be EXACT, and I think if they had spaces, you had to use underscore >> _

Looking at the macros he has he’s not using GSE so anything I could say on this is pointless. If he was using GSE it would be a simple /click MACRONAME1 in one action and /click MACRONAMe2 in the other action.

If he was using GSE he wouldn’t event need the second macros but could just create two actions and spam it.

BUt as he is not, you’re going to have to Google how to do what you are trying to achieve with normal WoW macro commands and limitations. And before someone asks why they have to Google it - I can’t tell you what I don’t know.

Solving the original aim of these macros in GSE3 would take about 30 seconds to achieve.


Sub note: /click MACRONAME only works with GSE as you are clicking the 1px x 1px hidden button that GSE creates for each active GSE template. This the same behaviour as present in each stub macro created in /macro when you choose “Create Icon”

my suggestion would be start using GSE and making the macro(s) you want. It’s a simple addon. No sense in NOT using it :slight_smile:

Hey all, really appreciate the replies, I didn’t know about this GSE. I’'ll have a look now for GSE for 3.3.5 WOTLK and will take in consideration the information provided. Thank you so much!!

You won’t find a version that works with 3.3.5 private servers. You will need for Wrath Classic for that.