What is the best macro for kyrian retri paladin doing mythics?

Hello guys, been sitting on this page and trying to find the best macro there is for a Kyrian Retri paladin.
But there is so many to choose from.
I am mainly doing mythics and some raids.
can you guys please link me one that works good?
i tried so many here but i cant get over 3.5k which feels super low since i am i210.

best regards.

Well there isnt really a special macro for one covenant or the other I’d imagine. The Covenant ability falls in the buff or burst region and it just depends on how or when you want to use that. Being as Divine Toll is a 1 minute cool down, it doesnt exactly line up with all of the other cool downs. It does line up with Execution sentence and Final Reckoning, and if you just wait an extra 15 seconds on something like Seraphim and Wake of Ashes, you could make a burst macro like this

/castsequence [mod:alt,combat,@player] Seraphim, Execution sentence, Final Reckoning, Divine Toll, Wake of Ashes

You would need a total of 5 HP before starting this burst cast sequence, and its possible that Divine Toll doesnt properly fire being as it might need a target to use, but the tooltip for it suggest otherwise. The theory behind this sequence is you gain 8% haste, crit, versatility, and 13% mastery from Seraphim buffing you for your first attack Execution sentence. Execution Sentence then boosts your attacks but 20% as the hammer falls, boosting you next spell Final Reckoning, and with that the target takes an extra 50% damage from your holy attacks, then boosting your Divine toll, and Wake of Ashes.

I cant test this macro being as im a Venthyr Protection Paladin though.

If that macro works then you could add /cast [mod:Alt, combat] Avenging Wrath above it so the first time you use the burst it would be boosted (damage, healing and crit strike by and additional 20%). So something like:
Avenging Wrath, Seraphim, Execution sentence, Final Reckoning, Divine Toll, Wake of Ashes.
you could also just make 2 of them but one is with Avenging Wrath in the front so it casts in order.

It is ultimately up to you where you want to put everything. If you need some idea here is a plug to a macro I made and recently updated, but it doesnt have Divine Toll in it.

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Thank you very much, i have seen your macro, but how do i properly use it?
i dont understand the uses of the different tabs inside the macro?
should i put the macro logo on key 1 2 3 4 on my keyboard and the automatically it will switch the tabs for me?

best regards

No, you switch the tabs in the first menu you come to when you type /gs. If you find a tab you like and want to use it everywhere, just change the default version to that tab number. And also, you cant change the tabs in combat, it will but the program and then you need to manually attack till combat ends.

i tried the first tab on single target i only reach 2300in dps:((
it felt very low for being i210

And that is fine, I dont play Retribution, so it could be that it isnt tuned properly. Were you using all of the cool downs too? You can look around and see if anyone else has a better macro that fits your needs, or maybe create your own. If you like I can change some things if you have any suggestions on mine.

@Noobie Macros are NOT one-size-fits-all. They’re not cookie-cutter. What works for the macro creator, you or me WILL be different-unless you have the same playstyle, gear, Talents, latency, etc.

so how can i get it to work?
what can i do to maximise my dps?

You have to tune a macro or fine-tune one for your toon.