What is the most macroable class for 9.2?

What’s the vibe? Which class is best suited to GSE?

I think BM is still probably the leader - but perhaps Boomkin with modifiers?

Demon Hunter is pretty flawless as well

I’ve been curious about this as well. Some of the classes seems absolutely abandoned over the last few months. The rogue section is tumbleweeds. I play BM hunter and it seems to work pretty well but currently trying to find a class for my wife to play since she does not want to do hunter.

Frost Mage is an easy one to macro.

Frost Bolt
Frost Bolt
Ice Lance
Ice Lance

and repeat. Actually the class I am playing now.

tanks are generally really easy

warlock is pretty easy class. only frustration is having to not be able to cast when moving out of stuff.

Gnome Tinkerer or Undead Necromancer are the most macroable classes currently in 9.2


lol, what??? i had to read that a few times cuz my brain locked up from the first reading. lol

Every class is as macroable as the other. It just comes down to knowing the class and patience.


Sure every class is macroable but that’s not what OP is asking. He is asking what’s the MOST macroable. For example BM Hunter + DH DPS have been beasts for a few expainsons now. You litteraly pop cds, start macro and AFK and do really good dps.

If you compare to for example Mage, which requires you to manually press button for Ice lance + Flurry, or Demonology lock you have to manually shoot demonbolt and time your CD’s.

I use to play BM hunter and Fury warrior and tried Demo and its not as nice to macro.

But to answer OPs question:

Fury Warrior is nice… but ranged there are not many good options ive noticed… Mage is too much RNG/interaction and Demo lock is too much interaction… Have not tried Desto tho?

When you say start macro and AFK that doesn’t actually mean you go AFK right?

No you still gotta avoid mechanics ofc

What fury war macro are you using?