What Mouse please?

Hi All,
I use a G19 keyboard at home and all is great, I travel a lot with my laptop and often have a lot of downtime in hotels so play wow a lot, what MOUSE would you recommend that can be used to macro GSe please?

G502 Logitech /20characters

Thank you for the recommendation but

Whats the meaning of the above please?

thank you

Ok, i purchased the G502 today and cannot see how you program this to repeatedly press the key?
I can assign the number 1 to a mouse button but i dont see the option to have repeat at x speed like my g19 keyboard?

am i missing something please?


In the GHub desktop app, under your mouse settings, you will be able to create a “macro” that will let you press and release, toggle, etc with the ms speed desired!

i found out the problem, the software was using “on-board memory” instead of “automatic game detection”

sorted now, thank you

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