What to play in Classic?

So what is everyone playing in Classic? What do you find fun about the class you are playing? I have been playing around with a few toons and can’t find one that i like the most.

I didn’t think anyone was playing classic anymore - I thought it died out…

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I didn’t think anyone was playing Retail anymore - i thought i died out…


Not yet - I do know that all of the guildies that went to play classic are back in retail now and they say that it’s dead. Can’t hardly get groups and that sort of thing.

It’s interesting as I am seeing the complete opposite. It’s starting to get slower for the levelling instances but the more common ones like dead mines, SM, ZF, ST always seem to be sought after and the end game ones are constantly being advertised for.

The other part is a lot of the raiding guilds are doing these internally rather than advertising.

Classic is live and well on my server