What would ytou say is the most fluid class when using a macro from here

was wondering what you guys would say is the most fluid class to play while using a aio macro

I would say it all depends on the macros done by an OP.

There’s lots of clunky macros out there.

i meant for classic. i know there are alot of macros but out of them all and for those that have tested alot which class would you say is the most fluid

I don’t play Classic-started playing in Burning Crusade and that was enough for me.


I don’t play classic and wont, but my guess will be BM Hunter

all the caster macros are not good. i mean in terms of end game content

So far, I’ve seen BM, Warrior, and Paladin macro are the easiest to create. The rest need to take in some knowledges understanding the class and play it yourself to be able to come up with a decent macro.

Best of luck,