Whats the best performing macro here?

im running a 3 dod 1 feeding 1 multi 1 primal as my main traits

I’ve been using all of the macros from here but not sure if my experiences are the same as everyone else

Trty this out its good

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i tested it out and it wastes charges for Barbed shot you need to have 5-6 sec of filler skills to make barbed shot viable if not it just redoes the stack at a 7 sec left on frenzy which is to early and a waste, its better used on oother skills

then why dont you just pput barbed shot on a mod key and be done with it i use that macro and there is nothing wrong with it i have no problems with it at all

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Keep in mind that most macros aren’t designed to be ‘perfect’ they are designed to be fluid and mostly proof against making mistakes. Manual rotations are always better when performed to perfection. The goal is to get it close enough to perfect to balance out the potential for mistakes.

As a case example, Asbonunny and Elfy made excellent macros and i tested them both before i posted mine, mine worked slightly better for me. (This is in no way a criticism of their fine work) The raw difference for me between all 3 macros was 5% dps. Even in mythic raiding thats not a significant enough margin to displace the usefulness of the macros. So it becomes an issue of preference in how you operate them, or how capable you are with operating them.

And im not alone in being a sad hunter with a stack of feeding frenzy. Score!

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Another addition to what Seelin has stated is that all of the macro’s average DPS can vary wildly depending on stats, essences and a big one Azerite powers. For example being that with: Asbobunny 8.2.5 BM Macro performs a tonne better with 3 dances of death. So you need to take all of this in when finding a macro that YOU like to play with :slight_smile:

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