What's the best way to use these macros during Pandaria Remix?

So the problem I’m having is the macros stop working if you don’t have an ability. I thought it would just skip over unknown abilities. Anway, trying to use a level 70 macro at level 10-70, should I just delete the abilities from macro?

i just let mine run as is while leveling. if you delete the abilities, you just have to go back and put them back in. they dont really skip the abilities. macro will always try and cast it even if you dont have it. it will just give you a error message. least that is what pops up on my screen/verbally yells at me. lol

there is the option to disable the block that has the spells that you dont know yet. then when you do learn them, just reenable the block.


same for me…the dragonflight macros seem to be working fine.

It all comes down to who wrote it and why. If it’s filled with /castsequences then it’s going to get stuck as soon as it tries to cast something you don’t know.

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or [known] spell right?


[known:spell] only works in that context for casts. For a castsequence it will eliminate the entire sequence if it doesn’t know one spell.

Yes, it seems to get stuck on a spell I don’t have during the “castsequence” parts. Thanks for the replies!

Keybind the MoP Remix Abilities imho.

#showtooltip SPELLNAME
/cast [@cursor] SPELLNAME


#showtooltip SPELLNAME
/castsequence [@cursor] SPELLNAME1,SPELLNAME2

You leave the @cursor in there if any of the spells need it in the /castsequence

The @ can be:


Simple ingame macro -


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