Whats the latest and greatest?!?! Dec-5-2017

Sup Macro Gods?!?!

What is the latest macros for the tank with the demon hunters? I have seen and used a lot of the macros in the past and they always work great.

Sadly, only a few of the folks that post here know what the heck they are talking about… you know who you are! :slight_smile:

Can those elite macro Gods post the their updates scripts for both Mythic+ and Raids? I don’t care about DEEEEEEPS! I want to survive and complete the mechs as required.

Thank you in advance!

Honestly? Nothing much has changed with Vengeance at all to warrant updating macros from 7.1.5 to 7.3.2. The only thing that really changed other than increased armour and slightly increased health was that Spirit bomb became more viable for both healing and dps

Thank you a ton. I get confused when I visit the forums here because a lot of folks post macros and while they work… I often find myself using the older ones still, because they work.

Thanks again! Have a great day.