What's wrong with GSE? totally broken now. No names, and now can't drag icons

Seems that it’s completely broken now. First the names dissapeared, and now I can’t drag macros to bars at all.

Nothing is wrong with GSE. Try performing a complete uninstall and reinstall. Updating (as opposed to fresh installs) can sometimes cause unintended results with any software. If that doesn’t resolve it, maybe there is a conflict with another add-on or perhaps a UI issue.

There is an issue with macro names appearing and disappearing (https://github.com/TimothyLuke/GnomeSequencer-Enhanced/issues/426)

I am having a lot of trouble recreating it. Everything people say to try doesnt cause the problem for me so I can see the cause and get onto the fixing part.

I would suggest checking how many macros you have on a character (in Macros-in game) If you have too many, and GSE will say you have too many in the opening page.

If you have too many, delete a few macros in WoW and re-import the Lazy Macro script. That should resolve your problem.

All I want to do is change the name on one of my current macros…its not rocket science but for some reason, every time I do this edit and save, when I come back into gs, the macro name is NOT changed.

Why is this such a problem for so simple a thing?