What's wrong ?

Does anyone know, why the following macro works with the normal WoW macro, but not with GSE ?

/cast [@mouseover,help,nodead][help,nodead][@player]Power Word: Shield

I need to click the target, than it works fine.

Hi, this is my working macro (in gsse)
/use [mod:shift,@mouseover,help,nodead][mod:shift,@focus,help,nodead][mod:shift,@player] Spirit Mend

So try with /use and tell me. (you dont get any modifier in your case)

works fine for me in gsse

Hey, thanks for this macro, but this dont work for me. For now i just use the normal / non GSE version.
@ Monx it is working for you, even if you don’t click someone ? Maybe i have to reinstall GSE idk.

Yes it works without clicking on someone.