Whats your preference? Classic or retail?

I am curious what the personal preference is for players currently using GSE. I’ve played both with the macros but am currently on retail.

How about you?

I would make a poll but I didn’t know how

Why not make this a poll?


@Deezyl_Fizzlepop that is a very good idea. and if it doesnt become a poll. my answer is Retail at the moment.

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My personal pref. is RETAIL… ive played since the beginning…i think Blizz brought the cow back for another milking of those that didnt play classic…after reducing level 120 back i read that is their plan from now on… the cap will stay 60 and any new expacs will revert you back to 50… dont know if that is true but i read that at the time.

Retail FTW. Its more fun, the classic one is just so much grind and no fun. Not to mention, the subpar visuals it have.

Classic - especially if there is a WotLK Classic.


WotLK Classic
BC Classic

Every other crap pale imitation of WoW ever released.

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