When did you start macroing?

There’s not really an off-topic place or something, so i guess i just post it here. But when did you begin using one-button macros? c:

I remember i began in lich king when i saw a full rotation macro on wowwiki when i looked up helpful macros for druids :3

I remember putting macros together for friends when we were doing Karazhan raiding. But I always played healer 24/7 raiding hardcore before, so I did not see the reason to make macros before that.

Then started slowly to help more friends and after Lich King expansion a friend of mine got injured on one arm and the macros really helped him to being able to have fun again and suggested that I should put the macros out there on the web. I tried to post the macros on several sites before and people bashed me and said rude stuff, so I decided to make my own site and thats how WoW Lazy Macros started.

Well that is a pretty awesome way. I used to get bashed as well for using one-button macros :c