where i was standing on the new GSE2



I love love the new GSE2, but I totally get where you’re coming from. There’s a learning curve, and being in beta means that there will be bugs and missing features, while other elements will come and go as the product matures.

I have to take the same stance on the issues importing macros, though. For the time being I’m making both old and new macros (only in the OP, all test macros will be GSE2 until finalized). But if you can’t import the macro, I have no idea how to help you yet. So I tend to skip answering those questions (shout out to those who help out by answering in my threads, thank you very much) and focus on just building the macros. I know it’ll sort out eventually. Hell, if not, I will still have a code base that I can convert one way or the other, later.

I’m a computer engineer by trade. I attribute my optimism to having that kind of background. I’m always tweaking, coding, building or fixing things as a part of my daily life, and this is no different. It’s just with something much more fun (and fulfilling, actually, when a combat vet personally thanks you for helping him continue to play a game he loves so much). So I’m willing to accept progress even though there are some growing pains.

I think we’ll all fall into one of these two mindsets. But, like Enmity said, it’s a free site. Help where you want, contribute where you can, or wait until things are solid. All are perfectly acceptable. Just please let us focus on the macros and not the troubleshooting. I’m sure there are threads already dedicated to that.

Enmity, KTN and EnixLHQ really appreciate you guys


The new gse2 works very well(respect Mr Luke) being able to change/adapt macro’s on the fly is awesome and once people get to grips with the new format and we start to see well constructed macro’s being created in the community we will forgot about the old one very quickly, the only reason I am at the present gone back to the old gse1 is the fact of not being able to stop the macro from auto targeting mobs(which in mythic’s is very painful for range), once that is fixed it’s gse2 FTW :slight_smile:

Well from one Old Fat Retired Disabled player I have been coming here for a long time and cannot say how much I appreciate all of your work on the macros. I doubt I would play without them. It lets me spend time and have fun in game with my Wife, my Son, and my 15yr old grandson.

So to all you awesome macro writers and to the mind behind GSE Thank You.

For someone that has been on discord trying to help people remember to follow the steps fully when they are given I can try to make videos but the only issue I see most having is the import issue. If you updated to new GS2.0 make sure there is no old GS left on your system for some reason it cause compatible issues. but after that you got the import make sure you know if its a 2.0 or a legacy macro and that you have the right box marked. If they are 2.0 most of them say that now but you can tell by looking at there format. When you get that box that said import success, don’t freak out you don’t see it. Tim explained it goes into some type of que. Just close GS and open it again it should be there, once its there just create icon and drop it down on bar. If its not firing just /reload it fixes that issue. I hear people having all kinds of issues I have not have one with importing them. Just look take steps slowly don’t get discourage and try. We are not at your computer we don’t know what is going on there so its hard for us to asst you with those issues when most of us are not having any issues.

Love all the work everybody has done and this is my first post here. I dont like to bitch about something that people spend time on and dont charge for it.


I have a few pipe welders working for me and always looking for more!
Let me know if you every wanna move to South Carolina!
Thanks again for the great work!

Just a Question : why have you moved to a new GS, as I still use the original & have not had a single problem as alot of people have, The new macros all seem to consume alot more space & seem more complicated. Why not just stick to to the simple easy way of doing it as I do not see any advantage of “upgrading” - This is WoW LAZY Macros it all just seems to drag on & error after error & I can imagine how frustrating it is for TimothyLuke being badgered by everyone with errors & this isn’t working, that isn’t working, where is this & that.

So what are the actual advantages of upgrading besides to make it look fancy?

Im not having a go at anyone as I know alot of work has gone into this, just wondering why fix what isn’t broken.

Im having to copy “new Macros” to notepad, get rid of all the clunk & paste it into *.lua file, this is not being lazy thats too much work involved :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck with the upgrade & hope it starts working for everyone before new raid opens.

This is not a complaint. Just letting you know that GSE2 worked awesome for me in every way, up until Build 2.0.7. It now comes up with multiple ‘Global’ errors and wont run any macros at all.

I love this Addon immensely, and will just wait for a new build to come out, and embrace it.

If I am doing something wrong, please feel free to pull me up and let me know.