Where is TL

I have just finished a project for my church which has resulted in the last 6 days being there for about 18 hours a day. Outside of WoW and GSE I have two full time jobs. One of those is as the Men’s Pastor for a church here in Adelaide.

Last Monday December 26 the stage at my church looked like:

by Wednesday it looked like:

This morning it looked like:

And no I am in none of these photos. Now while its not finished its functional and I can come back and clean it up afterwards.

This coming week Jan 2 to Jan 7 I am the guest speaker/guest worship director at a church conference. In the afternoons I will be sitting on a beach in 40 degree C with my Wife and Daughter both of whom i have not seen the last week. I am back on the weekend and will finish things for GSE2. Apologies for the delay but I need to unplug and recharge this coming week.

Hope everyone had a GREAT christmas and sincerly wish the best for 2017!!!

thanks for your work and time. i hope you receive all you want in 17.
good luck to you mate

Enjoy your time with your family, and don’t even consider thinking about anything else on your time away!

I got home and logged in and did a bunch of fixes to problems yesterday. Hope everyone had a Great NY.

I have been stuck working rather than playing for a few weeks. I haven’t looked at my home computer for about the same time as working 14 hours days + family + sleep means I haven’t had a lot of time to do anything. I did however get to login for a few minutes this morning before work to check if anything was broken. I did get a bunch of banked up Battle.Net messages from about 3am in the mornings from the last few weeks and why dont I respond. The person however was offline so I couldnt return their message.