Where to save personal Macros IN GS-E

I’ve had a few people ask where is the best place to save my macros so they are not overridden by updates as the ones in GS-DraikMacros will be overridden each update. This will happen if you use Minion or CurseClient automatically.

Get this template GS-E myMacros Addin Pack : Discontinued and Outdated Mods : World of Warcraft AddOns and save your personal macros in that. Its seperate to this mod and It will not get overridden by Curse or WowInterface updates.

In the original you would edit the sequences.lua file in GS-Core. While you can still do that it messes with CurseClient stopping you from updaing as you have local modifications.

When saving in the gs-mymacros folder - do we just edit the GS-Mymacros.toc? Would we need to create additional folders or would it be similar to the old GS where we just had a one long sequence lua file?

BTW - thanks for this addon!

The my-macros mod has the framework already done for you. It has individual files for each spec eg deathknight.lua paladin.lua etc that you can individually edit and save into. The setup is done you just need to past the sequences into it.

You dont need to change the toc but you could if you wanted to share your macro pack with others.

I am having an issue with the macros i try to edit some of them by removing certain spells and when i go back and use the macro the edit shows the spell is gone but it still casts the spell i have the GS-E my Macros

Hi Lonnie,

After you edit a file in myMacros you need to either do a /console reloadui or log out and back in again. The game loads these files once and unless you tell it to reload wont read them again.

so i edit the macro then /reload and it will work right

Yes. If not tell me and I will dig into it.

ok thank you