Where's the WW love?

Been quiet here. What is everyone using?

im still using Nickfury’s one, but havent really played WW a lot these days

im using Nickfury’s aswell :slight_smile:

I have been using the one on page 4 @ 50-80ms.

Been using this one. It does the best DPS I could find.

There hasn’t been a real change to our rotation. I like mine the best (https://wowlazymacros.com/forums/topic/help-moving-to-2-0/page/4/), but mainly for being able to que my CD’s in align to get the max DPS I can in raid. I also changed over to brewmaster in my raid so I hadn’t checked my DPS in a while.

I ran a few bosses last night as DPS and I seemed to be around 1M DPS on normal tomb.