Which dps or tank class/spec for most accurate macro?

Out of all the dps and tank classes / specs, which would you say has the most reliable, accurate, and easy macro?

Most macros have modifiers etc to handle procs or spells that you want to control. I’m curious as to which is truly a “lazy” macro with closest to actual performance with minimum amount of modifiers while staying close to sim.


DPS wise, say Hunter, im currently using Lonewolf MM. but constantly trying out updated ones and new ones.
Tank wise, say Druid Bear, not on my toon to say what MAcro i am currently using, but same as above about trying other macros.

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i too was wondering this exact question… was hoping more people would have chimed in. so far, and i’ve not tested that many classes at max level, between the Monk, DK, Pally and Warlock I’ve found the Monk to be smoothest and the 2nd smoothest was DK (in terms of testing for PVP). The warlock destro one was a monster in PVE, I was able to get some proper DPS output in LFR Castle Nathria. The blood DK board a great one too while I was leveling from 45 to 60.

Perhaps it had something to do with current class meta but I also found some wowlazymacro forum boards to be way more active, like for example, the pally… THAT PLACE was loaded and I must have tested like 10 different GSE while the Frost DK only had a few…

Almost forgot! The Hunter I have is 51 and I tested a few of those out for MM, and there was a really good one too, so maybe that could be a 3 way tie but I did not test at max so maybe not up for consideration.

The best way to find “accurate / smoothness” I think is to scour the forum boards and look for people who post replies with % dummy stats. I’ve found those to be the most helpful replies.

p.s. - I’m leveling a shaman right now and the one dude, who posted a GSE was methodical as hell, he post SIM % with videos and if that proves to be 100% like that, I reckon that Enhancement GSE could be tied for 1st place.

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i’m looking too, which class good on gse or macroable?!

There is no way to answer this with any form of accuracy. It depends on A combination of you and the macro you plan to use and your character. All three need to be tailored to each other as a macro that works perfectly for me will not necessarily do squat for you unless you both play like me and are geared the same as me.

The best answer to this is the class you actually know how to play without a macro. Woth this information you know both what the character should be doing and be able to look at the macro and make the necessary adjustments.

Every time you replace a piece of gear you should be checking and making adjustments to your macro especially when that piece of gear has haste on it. These adjustments will be unfortunately be unique to you and won’t necessarily work for other people.


Yeah, everything you said is true, especially for PvE, no surprise because you are certainly one of the expert here :). I take the great macros on this site, and I adapt them to my playstyle, gear and talents.

If I can contribute, been using macros for many years, and I would offer an additional perspective in the context of PvPing, which these days many of us are doing (BG’s, Arena, Duel), but the reality is most of us are not 2400 rating players, never will.

if you are into PvPing, you can’t use a one key macro, some of your CD’s have to be pressed manually because they should be activated based on what is happening. So I find that the classes that work better are those that have the least amount of CD’s that must be triggered manually.

So good classes would be, for instance (not a complete list): Guardian Druid, Warrior, Hunters, DK

Bad classes would be: Most healers (between mana conservation, CD’s for both you and teammates, shaman (lots of totems), Mage, warlocks, rogue

When I look for a class spec to PvP with by leveraging macros, I look for the following conditions:

  • a spammable macro for offensive skills, including CD’s that are less dependent on context of the game
  • Shift modifier for offensive CD’s, ideally a class that as one or one set of offensive CDs that can be activated together
  • Ctl modifier for defensive-O shit situations, ideally a class that as one or one set of defensive CD’s that can be activated together

This allows me to toggle the macro on, and focus on the gameplay. This way, I can manage a few shortcut keys, for instance with hunter my traps (on e), my out of stun trinket (on s), my silence (on mouse scroll up), and my stun (on mouse scroll down).

I can of course manage additional keys but this is when given my skill level and reaction time, I start to focus less on the action and positioning, and more on what button to press, and this is less enjoyable for me.

Hopefully that helps.

Though what others have said is true that nothing is “definitive” there are some classes that just in general macro much better than others. Builder/spender classes tend to be better than proc based classes etc.

In general the tanks macro fairly well. DH and Druid are probably the “laziest” as they have simpler rotations, and less buttons overall. Of all the roles, tanks probably macro the easiest and best as they are the most flexible. You can easily take defensives out of a macro to have more manual control such as demon spikes or ardent defender etc.

Of the DPS specs, Unholy DK has worked well for me, BM and MM hunter are both fairly solid. I haven’t tried a huge amount. None of the rogue specs went that great for me. Fire mage is pretty awful to macro, and mage in general (maybe frost is ok I didn’t try it much).

Of the healers they macro ok in that you can usually throw the DPS rotation on a macro but otherwise you’re still doing a lot manually. The “laziest” one that works best with macro is probably Disc priest since they are mostly in their DPS rotation, that passively heals the focus target usually and then manually healing larger chunks most of the other healers it’s much more heal OR dps.

Hope it helps.

Would love if people answered their questions but with a disclaimer rather than come with a “here is why your question is wrong”. You can impart your experience as well as say the mindset might be off base.