Which GSE Macro is the best for PVE + PVP Brewmaster?

So far I’ve tried a few of these at level 57 but I’m not sure which one is the best for max dps output while running dungeons. May you please advise?

Also, do you ever use these macros for PVP Brewmaster? Just wondering…

gonna answer both at same time. it all depends on what works for you, no 1 is better than another. it comes down on your latency, what you use to push the button(s) and so on. just pick the one that works the best for you and run with it, but keep trying new ones and updates as they come out.

here is my latency


i use ahk script, something like this…

#IfWinActive, World of Warcraft
If State=150
SetTimer SendKeyVplus, %State%


     Send, 123


now i can toggle on and off using left side mouse button. what do you advise is best for output? do you like to self manage your cooldowns? 30 seconds and higher?

This is the third topic you’ve started asking the same question so I’ll give you the same answer: …Like I said: it’s different for EVERY PERSON. Try them all out in front of a training dummy, record the results and go with whatever macro gives you the highest DPS.

Not the third, but similar. One was a topic dedicated for different monk spec. I’ll be more careful about posting on the forums. Just trying to keep things organized.

Thanks for sharing your opinion. :cowboy_hat_face:

I’m absolutely in love with the John Metz Brewmaster macro because it keeps my party and I alive without fail but it’s a heavily defense weighted sequence so it’s probably not going to give you the dps that you’re after, but you’ll very rarely die.

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Dang that sounds like it’d be sick for PVP. Hahaha. cool!