Why aren't my spells saving as my spells!?!?!

I keep trying to make GSE macros for one spec and it keeps saving as another spec. Happened with DH and Warlock! On Destro Lock when I save like /cast Incinerate and then go back to the macro it overwrites it to Shadow bolt!?! Does same type of thing on DH! Please help because it isnt working properly.

I have been having the same issue and have not found a fix. other than using a pre-made by someone else and edit.

Even when I import someone elses… I save it, leave… come back and it has same issues

What i noticed when i did that is when they put it as a castsequence it doesn’t change

I imported a Destro Macro from here… saved it… and it did the same thing. Switched every Incinerate to Shadow Bolt… wtf

Just trfied again on DH, same issues.

@StephenMB @Mastretanque
When you searched the Forums here or in Discord that’s been asked a million times and answered as many, I believe you overlooked this:

Sorry… been here 2+ years adn never seen this or knew this…

However, after reading all of that link you posted I am even more freaking confused… I felt like I was reading a different language… totally confused

I don’t know what to do

@StephenMB @Mastretanque
tl;dr: It’s fine. Don’t change a thing.

And also with proof: When you reviewed your Damage Meter Addon (Details!, Skada, Tiny DPS, etc.), did you notice that it was casting the correct spell?

hmm let me check that… and thanks for your patience…

So what you are saying is: Just build the macro like I normally would… save it and no matter what it says after, it will do what I initially asked it to do?

That is the correct answer. And you’re very welcome.

Luv u, thanks a ton

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