why dosent my macro repeat ?

i dose everything 1 time then it stops… i want it to continue aslong as i press the macro botton what do i need to do ? this is the macro !

/targetenemy [noharm,dead]
/castsequence reset=combat Shred,Shred,Shred,Rip,Rake,Shred,Shred,Shred,Shred,Savage Roar,Rake,Shred,Faerie Fire,Shred,Shred,Shred,Rip,Rake,Shred,Faerie Fire,
/cast [nostealth,nocombat] Prowl
/castsequence [stealth,nocombat]reset=target Rake
/cast [combat]Tiger’s Fury
/cast [combat]Berserk
/cast [combat] Skull Bash
/cast [combat] Survival Instincts

I updated the Macro Fredrik :slight_smile: