Why limit key spam to 250ms?

I am a returning after a year break. I have seen a few post stating that macros should not be spammed faster than 250 ms now. I am wondering why that is. Thanks

It’s a less chance of getting banned.

Also, a better chance of getting a smoother rotation out of the macro and more than likely .better DPS by not flooding GSE’s input queue.

I don’t know why blizzard cares, to be honest. So much blatant sales pitches for carries, and money making opportunities, that who cares if someone wants to play the game for pure enjoyment and ease of play.

If they were to ban anybody I think it would be the people who exploit the game by sending high lvl equipment to lower lvl alts who has 5 times everybody’s hp and can go against 5 people without breaking a sweat. In battlegrounds and dungeons.

Your not breaking the game by doing that. It’s just cleverly using game mechanics.

Reasons for higher MS values and why it’s not suggested to go below 250ms

  1. it makes you less likely to be deemed to have an unfair advantage over non key pressing players

  2. you get better dps from a good slower running macro than a shit fast running macro. The faster the macro needs to run is a sure indication that it’s a piece of shit that is running in random mode to compensate.

  3. you won’t disconnect yourself from flooding the game with macro commands.


can i ask a quick question on this I’m using corsairs icue softwhere and basically when your setting up a macro it shows each click of the button as a key up and a key down one after the other should I set the macro speed at 250 or half of this for each action up and down?