Widespread Distruction - Havoc DH [Level 70] [] [GSE 3.1.22]

Quick, one button macro test for general PVE built to give decent overall damage without needing massive amounts of movement. May be OK for content where you don’t have the space to play the Vengeful Retreat + Fel Rush game… Felblade is also not included so you don’t find yourself erroneously disengaging to dash over to a random mob that you mis-targeted.

Feel free to suggest edits, improvements, or just trash on it. All good.
Still a work in progress.

I keep Vengeful Retreat, Fel Rush, and my interrupt mapped to mouse keys and use them as needed, and make sure I move around enough to get my ‘Fodder to the Flame’ and soul procs.

The final Chaos Strike in Block 4 may or may not proc in your Essence Break window depending on the amount of Haste you have. Edit as needed.

Running somewhere between 150 and 250 ms.




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this works for both aoe and single target?

As an all around, it does pretty good AOE. Uses Glaive Tempest on cool down, and Death Sweep in the Essence Break window, along with Eye Beam to proc Demonic, so there’s a lot of AOE/Cleave.

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Unfortunately can not move the icon, only the book appears

That generally means that you have too many macros saved for that character.
ESC to the menu, go to Macros, and see if you’re full.

I am getting that error all the time now, says I have too many macros but I only have 1, wierd stuff

game menu

Are you looking in GSE or the WoW game menu? The only time I ever generally see that error is when the WoW game menu has too many macros stored in either the global or character specific tab.

In the GSE menu, I can add the macro but it doesn’t create the icon to drag to the bar so when I try and create the icon it says you are only allowed 18 macros at a time but only have 1

so look inside your global or character specific macros found by doing [/macros] if you have more than 18 in any of those it won’t create another one

Well I be damn I had no idea those macros had anything to do with this addon, thank you very much

I’m just wondering what peoples numbers look like with this? I initially spike around 38-40k at the training dummy with this talent tree but then fall and hold about 19K no matter the speed I run it at. tried 250,200,175,150,100,50,25(Logitech gaming software) and it’s all the same. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong.
right now Im 376 geared and sim for about 40k Crit 25%, haste 9%, Mastery 45%, Vers 6%.

Edit: changed 276 to 376

Is the sim ticked with all the buffs? They tend to automatically be set to have all buffs on.

even with the buffs off I’m not hitting anywhere near simmed, with them off I’m simming at 32k sustained ST, in practice I hit about 12k under that. I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong. If I do my standard rotation IA Hunt VR FR Eye meta eye Essence Break then the Annihilation FR EB and Demon Blades I can sustain about 40-45k but with my hands not being what they used to be I start cramping up. I guess the new talent trees and system rework made it harder to hit near simmed. in SL I was hitting around 90-95% of simmed.