Will 9.2 GSE be ready

Is GSE good to go for 9.2 ? ; )

I’ve heard no news from Tim here or on Discord so it should be a go. But we’ll find out tomorrow.

As far as I know it will work. I havnt seen anything to say it won’t.


kinda figured you had it togethr like the rest of the xpacs :wink:

If you tick the load out of date addons and continue you should be fine. Some time in the next 14-16 hours I will have an official release after I finish off some testing.


I just tried to load a new macro and it failed to install. I only have two currently setup and don’t have a full in-game macro page at all. Don’t know why the two old macros I have setup work, but I can’t add a new one.

I have plenty of empty macro slots so it would be nice to know why this is occurring. I even reinstalled the GSE advance macro compiler, but its as though the game doesn’t even see the new macro import.

Any suggestions?

Did you install the new gse update on curseforge?

I actually use WowUp. Should I have gotten it from Curse instead?

WoWUP pulls from CurseForge I believe.

Curseforge has a new API where for some mods you have to be using their addon updater rather than things like WoWUp.