Will things change much

will things change much with dragon .sense talents are so much different now … will GSE even work in dragon . ??? any one on test servers working on macros now …

No mods work in DF alpha at this stage. GSae will do whatever WoW allows when mods are implemented.


until addons can be tested. i am holding out hope that GSE will stay the same and all the creators will have to do it add (in their posts) the talent tree they use for their macros. Like a screen shot of the tree.


Yeah looking forward to making 3-4 macros per spec per class. lol. Should be a new world and tons of time invested. I have faith that GSE will be up and running, @TimothyLuke does a great job keeping the macro alive and moving forward.

Not a bad idea of talent tree snap shots until the community nicknames what each build is called. should be an adventure. Lets just hope the expansion is worth playing. We been wanting talent trees back since they got rid of them. SO I am not going to complain too much about the added work.

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I’m currently working on talent tree support for both WotLK and Classic. I assume DF will use the same api as that does.


ty for the reply, like I said I have faith in you continuing you work on GSE.

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I totally agree, none of us would be here at all without you @TimothyLuke. Hats off to you champ! Thank you for all of your hard work :heart_on_fire:


as a man with a disability i thank you for your efforts. It makes it easy for me to play at competitive level in mythic plus and arena. thanks to all the authors of these macros as well, without you all I don’t have the capability to play this game. p.s this takes ages to type :smile: i look forward to see what the future holds for this team of macro makers!


I join the fate in @TimothyLuke and thank you Tim, great and valuable work!

Do you have an ETA for a testable version for the dragonflight beta/PTR?

We call @TimothyLuke THE G.O.A.T. of world of warcraft! We all will be saved.