Windwalker 5.2 macros/setup


Leveling my windwalker monk,level 89 at the moment

You may need bindpad addon to run this as it may exceed the normal macro length


most of my macros are a bit unconventional…but they work for me anyway

windwalker macros

my movement keys are W,S,A,D.

And i bind the keys around nearest to those keys

This is the main chi builder macro and it is binded to my middle mouse button

My macros numbers are all over the place…because i dont rebuild the macro to make it look neat…but just adjust the spell i want to be using the most…by raising or lowering the numbers

*I do have overkill with the extra /cast spells etc…but im just making sure…also castrandom

will give you something every now and then*


/targetenemy [noharm]
/castsequence reset=0.3 1,2,3,chi wave
/castsequence reset=0.3 1,2,leg sweep
/castsequence reset=0.3 1,jab
/castsequence reset=0.3 1,diffuse magic
/castsequence reset=0.3 1,2,tiger palm
/castsequence reset=0.3 1,touch of death
/castrandom blackout kick,leg sweep,disable,grapple weapon,rising sun kick,touch of karma,touch of death,blackout kick,storm, earth, and fire
/castrandom rising sun kick,leg sweep,grapple weapon,disable,tiger palm,quaking palm,blackout kick
/cast Energizing Brew
/cast touch of karma
/cast fortifying brew
/cast leg sweep
/cast rising sun kick
/cast expel harm
/cast blackout kick
/targetenemy [noharm]


the F key has this alternate macro


/castsequence reset=0.3 1,2,rising sun kick
/castsequence reset=0.3 1,spinning fire blossom
/castsequence reset=0.3 1,2,3,4,5,tigereye brew
/castsequence reset=0.3 1,2,3,touch of karma
/castsequence reset=0.3 blackout kick
/castsequence reset=0.3 1,2,3,spinning crane kick
/castsequence reset=0.3 1,touch of death
/castrandom jab,grapple weapon,leg sweep,rising sun kick,tiger palm,grapple weapon,touch of death,quaking palm,storm, earth, and fire,storm, earth, and fire
/castrandom tiger palm,blackout kick,leg sweep,grapple weapon,rising sun kick
/cast fortifying brew
/cast touch of karma
/cast rising sun kick
/cast blackout kick
/cast tiger palm
/cast grapple weapon


1st Macro builds chi and i spam this as an opener,then spam key F macro…which will favour blackout kick to build back some health,then just spamming both together…like a 2 step macro ish…

This also will fire off “spinning fire blossoms”…if there is enough chi,can press expel harm to add 2 instant chi…if no chi is present…

This way you can also “kite”,sideway strafe or roll away etc and spam spinning fire blossoms for damage from a distance…

I use fists of fury,paralysis,spinning crane kick,storm, earth, and fire,storm, earth etc on there own keys.situationally when reqiured

works well pve or pvp

on key Q i put the /roll spell

/cast [nocombat] roll
/cast [combat]quaking palm
/cast [combat]roll

on key E i put the the flying serpent kick…which is unglyphed but doubled up so i fly along then hit it again to land


/cast [no combat]flying serpent kick
/cast flying serpent kick

Example video…using these macros…not normally a back-peddlar :P…but just showing the spinning fire blossom etc

Change quality to 720…fullscreen for best view

[video=youtube;YKAJSim3rUE]Monk Windwalker Macros - YouTube

video link if above does not work


Video is of me fighting a rare using these macros…showing how they work.


PS…couple of late notes( i was late posting this,way,way past my bedtime)

Why no spinning crane kick? i forgot to add…that if you want to aoe you can either change spinning fire blossom to spinning crane kick…or have a third macro that just replaces spinning fire blossom…

Randomly…really do like the monk,rolling about is cool,flying serpent kick useful,love the effect on the paralysis spell
Expecting one day to see they nerf fists of fury,i know its a monk thing,but as it cant be trinketed etc…
I know from experience,you stand there( ala stunned locked like from a rogue) and hope you have enough health to survive :stuck_out_tongue:
Wish we converted to mail at say a higher level,still feel a bit squishy…in leather…but its ok…

I forgot to set recount when i recorded this…oops…
Only wearing blues and greens,no gemmed or enchanted…apart from the weapons…waiting until im 90 to spend my gold on enchants,gems etc :stuck_out_tongue:
any questions.ask here or pm me

Random over


Try this macro too…

What this does—

This first gives you 2 chi and fires off 2 spinning fire blossoms,pops energizing brew to give you 60 secs of energy

Then fires crackling jade lightning,this will last until expel harms cooldown is refreshed.

Any chi build up will fire off as spinning blossom fire…sometimes its just 1 or it can build up to 3 or 4

There will be a slight pause…before expel harm will fire again…then it starts over…

This version can be used in blizzard macro…fits 255 limit…


/castsequence expel harm,spinning fire blossom,crackling jade lightning,crackling jade lightning,crackling jade lightning,crackling jade lightning
/cast spinning fire blossom
/cast expel harm
/cast energizing brew

This is ideal for pve boss fights where you may need to have distance,so your not standing in anything,or for pvp when your nearly dead enemy is running away…trust me they wont make it :stuck_out_tongue:


Another video here showing how it normally works…nice sopt this too to grind…small monkeys spawn back quick…theres 1 big monkey with 1.44 m hp…but hes ok

this area is in kun lai summit…not far from the kota base camp

with guild banner up and some rested…small monkeys were 80 k exp…big monkey 200 k

this is the video…

Armory link

will be gearing gemming properly once i hit 90… :stuck_out_tongue:

must have ran out of edits…so replying to myself :stuck_out_tongue:

great work dude !
it seems a little messy but i like how you do it m with the videos etc…

keep doing that work.

ps: my monk is only 49 so…
PS2: if you have other macros for other class or other spec…

great work dude !
it seems a little messy but i like how you do it ,with the videos etc…

keep doing that work.

ps: my monk is only 49 so…
PS2: if you have other macros for other class or other spec…

Hi Donuts :slight_smile:

Thankyou for your reply…yes im afraid messy is my theme :stuck_out_tongue: my macros and my explanations.

once i get going i tend to write a book :slight_smile:

I hold my hands up and say,i know i’m not exactly the greatest of macros writers,there may well be complete overkill etc…things on cooldowns all sorts of things,but i do take a ton of time testing to see things work…and adding a video of them in action…for me is a bit of the proof of the pudding or donuts etc…

originally i was a multiboxer…and i felt to get the best out of team,the best way was to play solo first and learn how to play solo to the best i could…so when i had say 5 hunters,5 shaman etc…i knew what i was doing…anyway…i gave up doing that quite a while back…and prefer the solo play now

rambling again…anyway i am planning on going through most classes and seeing what i can do…

i can link you some i have already done…

I have a beast master hunter guide…this was before 5.2 mind and does really need revisiting…it ended up all over the place…but if you want a look go here…first page was my setup etc…the most uptodate part was on page 2…scroll down to the red writing…again…been a while…needs updating




MM hunter guide…is all in one place,the setup and macros etc…should hold up and work fine…



And this link to original monk windwalker setup…videos play on same page etc


My next possible attempsts maybe Brewmaster

I want to Do mage Fire spec…have seen a great fire mage streaming and i think i maybe able to get this going well.

Thankyou again Donuts :slight_smile:

hey !
As I said great Job dude!
I m really happy to see that you will continue that way ,
I have pretty much the same reflexion when i m making my macros (That you can find here) i m not only using one buttion but two or three .
I m looking to be the most efficient possible to make a good rotation .
Now i would like to start PVP with those macros so if you have any tips , they are welcomes.
Concerning your monk macros I would appriciate if you could tell us how you do you perfect rotation:
If I understand you well , you start spamming the first one then you switch to the second one …and what…? i dont understand the two macros together part
anyway i like your video on the rare mob how you move etc , now I think your way to play could be great for pvp…
It give me ideas… any tips?

ok i took a look at your macros from dualboxing but actually it seems outdated BM doesn t work for me…
Anyway i hope you ll update soon!
Personlly i m looking for monk ( brew and wind ) but also warrior pve/pvp and hunt pve/pvp so you pretty much on that way , i m wating for the next macros !!

HI Donuts :slight_smile:

Yes my setup is my movement keys WSAD…

Around those are Key Q which has the roll macro

KeY E has the flying serpent macro…which is not glyphed…( glyphed you fly to the target…

my version is just the flying serpent spell doubled up and i just press once to fly along then again when i want it to land…can sometimes can go wrong and fly by target lol…

To explain how they work…

To attack yes…normally i’ll do a flying serpent attack to land at mob/enemy…KEY E

Then spam the middle mouse 1 st macro…

This macro builds chi…normally chi wave,legsweep,etc and it uses the brews too,and builds tigerbrew stacks.will give a random spell from castrandom…and cast touch of death if enemy is low enough.

Once ive built up some chi…say 3 or 4…i spam the 2ND macro on key F

This when spammed…will use tigerbrew stacks up,blackout kick which will give you back some health if your dropping a bit…will after a short spam…cast rising sun kick…

Also because spinning fire blossom is the lowest priority it will fire off the most.

In the first video it was meant to show this happening…when you get distance to the enemy,spamming KEY F will cast that spell so you can do damage from a distance.but if you look close it is also going off up close when fighting the enemy…

On my key R i have EXPEL HARM…which when presses will give you 2 chi…to use how you like…fire off more spinning fire blossoms or spam 1st macro to add more chi and then use fists of fury…

AT the same time the CASTRANDOM has a chance to choose a spell,i see disable or grapple weapon go off quite a bit.

Normally if the enemy is low enough,Touch of death should fire off and kill the enemy.

In between im watching my health and the chi build up…

So if health is getting lower i will probally spam the key F more

Then use situational keys like…Paralysis to give me some time to get some cooldowns back

Fist of fury if i see 3 or more chi…

so would go like this…this not actual but to give you an idea


middle mouse,middle mouse,middle mouse etc say 10 times…pretty quick…then switch to KEY F

Key f,key f,key f,key f…Normally until RISING SUN KICK fires off…then switch back to middle mouse button macro spam.

BUT also can spam both keys…pressing middle mouse button AND key F at same time.and then anything off cooldown will fire…

Usually by then the enemy/mob is dead…

Hope that helps a little…its harder to explain it ,than to do it automatically.if i get chance.maybe weekend ill try setup a webcam to show it…

Yes SORRY about the BM macros…i will have a look and update them soon…

I have a warrior at level 2 ready to level up…have never really tried one so.will be having a go at that…might be a while…a few weeks before i get it 90…but i could/will take note of macros i use as i level it up…

speak soon :)ty again donuts






i use a similar macro, that is just to much anyway in your video whats the mod/aura you are using for the “FINISH HIM” on your touch of death

Hi stephen :slight_smile:

i have been through my addons…i believe its this one…


to get the sounds you also need


you may also want to get this one…shows cooldowns



One new question!
What about your dps?

Macros like this won’t work in a raiding environment because you can’t keep up with DoTs and / or certain things. Also 90% of those spells that you have in the random areas are situational and should never be used until needed.

AHH good job i don’t raid then :slight_smile:
And i did say these are unconventional macros,and they work for me,if you watch the videos…
I do also use spells situational,thankyou for the advice,but they do work for what i use them for which is pvp mainly and instances.:slight_smile:

you can probably rip these macros apart too :slight_smile:
i’ve got my own blog site now and just doing a Mage to begin with